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Newsletter 2015

August 03, 2015

Subject :

Traceability Solutions for Any Industry

Do You Want to Implement Traceability in Your Facility?
These documents contain key points and explanations on how to integrate traceability in the automotive, electronic, and food/medical/cosmetic industries.
Laser Marking in the Automotive Industry
Automotive manufacturers and part suppliers have stressed the importance of establishing traceability using 2D code marking. Download this guide to see why KEYENCE laser markers are the best solution for direct part marking in the automotive industry.
All-in-One Imaging & Measurement System Simplifies Inspection and Analysis
Our latest microscope combines the strengths of four essential imaging and measurement technologies.
Time Saving Tips: Dimensional Measurement of Smartphone Parts
With the Instant Measurement system, "just place and press" to perform 99 measurements in seconds while automatically recording the data. This document introduces examples of how the IM Series can be used with smartphone components such as; connectors, capacitors, and screen glass.
Tackle a Wide Variety of Applications with Distance Based LR-T Series
Web tension control, hopper level detection, and long distance detection solved by the LR‑T.
Powerful Sensor Can Detect Presence in Up to 16 Locations Simultaneously
The IV Series can detect up to 16 different shapes or areas at the same time. It can then make an overall judgment on the results using built-in logic functions.
A Quiz for Checking Your Machine Vision Knowledge
· How do you maximize the depth-of-field?
· If using a monochrome camera to differentiate between the colors gold and silver, what illumination color is most effective?

With questions like these, this quiz will test your machine vision knowledge and teach you how to better implement vision systems.
Professional Tips on Choosing and Using Non Contact Measurement Sensors
Unsure about the best methods for performing measurements such as outer diameter, step height, or shape comparison?
This website will walk you through the best methods for performing a variety of measurements using non contact measurement sensors.

· What's the most efficient way to use these sensors?
· Does KEYENCE have experience using these measurement methods?

For answers to these questions and more, visit this website

Thickness, Width   Height, Step Difference
Inner, Outer Diameter   Vibration, Eccentricity
Positioning, Position Control   Warpage, Bow, Flatness
Profile   Gap, Clearance

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