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          Newsletter 2015

          October 05, 2015

          Subject :

          HPM KEYENCE TM-3000, Industry's First In -Line 2D Measurement System

          100% Inspection with the KEYENCE 2D Optical Micrometer
          The TM-3000 allows for precise 2D measurements at fast In-Line speeds. Download the catalog below to see the benefits and the methodology behind this all in one measurement system.
          Static Electricity Problems: Causes and Countermeasures
          Is static electricity causing problems in your facility? Knowledge is the key to proper static management. Download two helpful guides to better understand the causes of static electricity, and how to prevent it.
          How Would You Know If Your Pipe Clogs?
          The FD-Q Series Clamp-On Flow Sensor can detect when flow becomes irregular or stops. This means you can be sure that your line is working properly and not causing costly damage.
          Laser Marking On Metals
          Laser marking is becoming the most widely used method for marking on metals. This guide explains why by providing some of the advantages and introduces how KEYENCE can help you in this field.
          What Is This Completely Innovative Instant Measurement System?
          · How can we perform "place-and-press" measurements in 3 seconds?
          · How much inspection time can we save?
          · How is the IM Series revolutionizing quality inspection?

          This document contains answers to these and many other questions to provide you with all the information about the IM Series.
          Ultra-Versatile Barcode Reader Solves Applications in Any Industry
          This leaflet shows real-world examples of using the Autofocus Barcode Reader SR-1000 Series in the automotive, electronic, and food/packaging industries.
          Quickly Learn the Fundamentals of Dimension Measurements of Pressed Parts
          This document contains all the fundamental knowledge pertaining to dimension measurements. Learn about special characteristics of the different pressed materials and the advantages of different measuring instruments. Additionally, read the examples to learn some easy-to-understand measurement tips.
          Our Popular Booklet for Learning the History of Image Processing
          This booklet covers everything from the origin of cameras to the principles of CCD elements. With this booklet, you can learn the evolutionary history of image processing in just a few minutes.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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