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          Newsletter 2015

          November 02, 2015

          Subject :

          New Sensor: Detect ANY Change in Appearance!

          [New Product] Detect ANY Change in Appearance!
          The NEW Full-Spectrum LR-W Series solves the widest range of applications you have ever seen. Solve presence/absence applications, differentiate products with slight variations, detect registration marks, and verify color.
          [New Product] Network Communication Unit for Ultra-compact Code Readers
          This product makes it easy to configure communication between an SR-700 or
          BL-1300 code reader and a PC/PLC.
          It supports communication protocols such as TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP™, and PROFINET.
          The Latest Illumination Technology Makes It Possible to Measure Previously Unmeasurable Dimensions!
          This document introduces measurement examples using our image dimension measurement system, which makes possible measurements that could not be performed with conventional coaxial illumination.
          Be sure to read about edge extraction using "low-angle, dark-field illumination," a newly added feature.
          Laser Glossary
          What are lasers? What is pulse oscillation? This glossary explains specialized laser terminology in an easy-to-understand manner.
          A Laser Microscope Beginner's Guide for Leaning about the Latest Shape Measurements
          Laser microscopes can perform ultra-precise evaluations of shapes that are micrometers or smaller in size.
          Use this guide to learn about the structure and principles of laser microscopes with helpful illustrations.
          Dimensional Inspections through Image Processing Without the Need for Complex Mathematical Calculations!
          When developing a machine vision solution, dimensional inspections of complicated shapes can become difficult and time consuming. Follow this guide to see how the new, powerful Geometry Tools can help reduce your engineering costs. With just a few clicks of a mouse, it is easy for anyone to perform highly-accurate dimensional inspections.
          For Those Who Have Wanted to Buy a Coordinate Measuring Machine for Years
          Have the high cost and installation space requirements of coordinate measuring machines prevented you from purchasing one of these instruments?
          We are happy to introduce a completely innovative coordinate measuring machine that can be placed anywhere and used by anyone.
          What Makes our 2D/3D Profiler Different?
          With dozens of profilers available in the market today it can be hard to determine which one will provide a lasting solution for your current and future applications. Download the catalog below to learn about five of the many technologies that differentiate us from conventional laser profilers and how those differences benefit you.
          Extremely Affordable Brand-new Vision Sensor
          This sensor has built-in lighting and is also equipped with an automatic focus mechanism and a position adjustment function. With this sensor, you can eliminate the cost of installing peripheral equipment.
          Learn about the Latest Analysis Techniques from Actual Magnified Observation Images
          This document introduces actual examples of analyses from different companies and industries, which are rarely shared.
          Use this document to learn how to capture observation images and perform observations.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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