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          Newsletter 2016

          January 05, 2016

          Subject :

          New Product: A Handheld Code Reader Designed to Read Tough DPM Codes

          [NEW!] High-Speed Wireless Handheld DPM Code Reader!
          This product is a MUST-SEE for anyone who is struggling with 2D code reading problems such as slow speeds, faulty reads, or not understanding optimal code reader settings.
          Thanks to its easy operation, the SR-G100 Series can quickly and accurately read 2D codes marked on traditionally difficult surfaces, including metal and black resin.
          Learn About Surface Roughness Measurement Methods
          Utilize these guides to learn the basics of surface roughness and additionally increase your knowledge on surface measurement methods. The guides have explanatory pictures to ensure you know all about the basics of roughness.
          Intro to Soldering Defects and Countermeasures
          Gain insights into common soldering defects and how to inspect and prevent them using the latest microscope technology.
          New Sensor Resource Available!
          Sensors have become a critical part of process improvement and this guide provides a better understanding of sensors, detection principles, and benefits associated with each.
          Finally! How-To Guides on Laser Displacement Sensors
          ·Types of non-contact displacement sensors
          ·Measurement principles
          ·Measurement techniques

          Download all five now to learn about the latest innovations in laser displacement technology.
          [NEW!] Revolutionary Low-Cost Vision Sensor
          A new model of our powerful IV Series vision sensors is now available!
          The low cost and ease of use remain the same, but a large number of new measurement tools have been added to boost flexibility, including width, diameter, and pitch. Download now!
          The KEYENCE Advantage:
          Laser Marking Solutions Guide
          KEYENCE has engineered a line of laser markers that can provide solutions in every aspect of your business. Download this brochure to see the built-in cost savings throughout the life of your laser marker.
          Are Traditional CMMs Hard to Install or Difficult to Use?
          Traditional CMMs are invaluable 3D measurement tools but installation locations are limited, they're difficult to operate, and can be very expensive. Have you ever thought along these lines? It's time for a new CMM that's easy to install, can be placed anywhere, and be used by anyone.
          KAIZEN: Advantages of Using Vision Systems for Improving the Inspection Process
          This guide introduces the concepts required to easily use vision systems for data collection, traceability, and to monitor and analyze the inspection process when not possible with human inspection alone. Production rates and product quality can be drastically improved, as well as, optimizing the production process itself, in real-time, based on trends in the collected data.
          What Is This Fully-Automated Optical Comparator?
          ·How can we perform "place-and-press" measurements in 3 seconds?
          ·How much inspection time can we save?
          ·How is the IM Series revolutionizing quality inspection?

          This document contains answers to these and many other questions to provide you with all the information about the IM Series.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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