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          Newsletter 2016

          January 18, 2016

          Subject :

          Improved Yield Rates with Machine Vision Systems - Kaizen Tips for Success (Vol. 2)

          Successful Kaizen Principles - Vision Systems for Improving Production Yield
          This guide provides examples of how yield rates are improved after the introduction of machine vision systems.

          ·Kaizen success - Before & after case studies
          ·Functions to optimize settings and increasing production rates
          ·Image storage and retesting to support yield improvement
          NEW Additions to the LR-W Series Lineup!
          New sensors and a controller added to the
          LR-W Series full-spectrum sensor family:

          ·Small/Dual Spot Model for precise detection on small targets & reg. marks
          ·Fiber Extension Model for tight spaces & harsh environments
          ·Multi-Sensor Controller for additional functionality, including multiple outputs & analog
          Perform 100% Inspection with KEYENCE's 2D Optical Micrometer
          The TM Series allows manufacturers to measure 2 Dimensions, in-line, with micron precision. Follow the link below to learn the secrets behind KEYENCE's In-Line 2D Measurement System.
          Advantages of the GT2 Series - According to Industry Engineers
          Contact displacement sensors are commonly found in factories and manufacturing plants, and usually there is an engineer nearby. This catalog explains the advantages of the GT2 Series of contact sensors from an engineer's prospective.
          100 Questions & Answers About Laser Markers
          Do you want to learn everything there is to know about laser marking? Click to download 100 questions and answers about laser markers and discover why KEYENCE is the best solution for your application.
          Injection Molding: Applying Dimensional Measurements
          Molded parts can be created in a variety of shapes with a large number of dimensional measurement locations. To perform stable measurements, we recommend this overview of the molding process.
          Observation and Analysis Examples of Resin and Film
          Use this guidebook to learn the latest techniques for inspection and analysis of burrs, sink holes, defects in films, etc., using digital microscopes.
          Learn Key Roughness Parameters for Comparing and Quantifying Surfaces
          Gain in-depth knowledge of surface characterization, the parameters used for evaluating it, and the equipment designed for measuring it.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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