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Newsletter 2016

February 29, 2016

Subject :

The New Standard for Code Reading

How to Reduce Your Measurement Time
Do you spend a lot of time measuring parts for quality inspection? See these 20 examples on how you can save hours in inspection time.
[NEW!] The Future of Handheld CMM Technology
KEYENCE's coordinate measuring machine gives you a full-range of motion with its innovative handheld probe. Measure a part, from any direction, while being guided by augmented reality assistance.
Six 3D Measurement Devices in One
There are many disadvantages to using only one type of 3D measurement tool. This guide shows how KEYENCE's VR-3000 Series is able to overcome many of the obstacles of conventional measurement tools and microscopes.
12 Industries that Benefit from New Microscope Technology
This guide provides useful information to help solve R&D issues and improve quality. Learn different analysis techniques used across these industries with actual image examples and about the latest advancements in microscopy.
Helpful Answers to Difficult Machine Vision Questions
·I can only install the camera at an angle. What should I do?
·I only want to detect long, thin scratches, but there is too much background noise!
·The glare from some of my parts makes it very difficult to perform stable inspections!

This "Q & A" introduces various techniques for installing more stable machine vision inspections.
Incredibly Stable Position-Based Sensor
The LR-T provides reliable detection with its position-based technology. Setup is simple and applications are versatile.
Understanding Displacement Sensors and Measurement Systems
Matching an application to the right measurement system is critical for accuracy and performance. This document uses diagrams and application examples to educate the reader about a variety of measurement techniques.
[NEW!] Next-generation Vision Sensor: New Inspection Tools in a Body the Size of Your Thumb
The acclaimed IV Series has been reborn with new detection tools. Coupled with the fact that it can be installed in tight locations inaccessible for conventional vision sensors, the versatile yet easy-to-use IV is a MUST for anyone in the sensor world.
The ONLY Laser Marker Required for All Automotive Needs
·Versatile capabilities comparable to no others in the industry
·Self-contained traceability synchronicity
·IP-64 rated to withstand the harshest environments

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