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          Newsletter 2016

          April 11, 2016

          Subject :

          [NEW!] Dedicated Software for Contact Sensors

          [NEW!] Dedicated Software for Contact Sensors
          GT Monitor, the first dedicated software for the GT2 Series, makes reading contact sensor measurements a breeze with its intuitive interface and customizable settings designed to meet any project need.
          Imaging & Measurement System that Simplifies Inspection and Analysis
          Our latest microscope combines the strengths of four essential imaging and measurement technologies.
          Image Processing A to Z - A 10-Minute Lesson! (Vol. 1)
          Need to automate visual inspections? This document teaches you how, starting with the basics.

          ·How and why to automate inspections
          ·Equipment required for inspection
          ·Inspection examples (presence, appearance, dimensions, etc.)
          Clamp-On Flow Sensor
          The FD-Q Series clamps directly to the outside of the pipe! Monitor coolant, water, oil and more on any rigid pipe.
          Why Replace Your Old Laser Scan Micrometer?
          LED based optical micrometers are the new go-to technology for a variety of common measurements. Even though the technology is more than a decade old, many engineers are not aware of the benefits, how it works, or where it can be used. Find out by downloading this brochure. 
          Laser Marker Unique Built-In Camera
          KEYENCE's newest laser marker incorporates a built-in camera to provide a marking image, 2D barcode reader, and marking comparison in a single unit. This brochure describes the capabilities of the multi-function camera along with a series of case studies.
          Time Reduction Examples with Our Instant Measurement System
          The IM Series Instant Measurement System performs up to 99 dimensional measurements in seconds. This document introduces the key points leading to reduced measurement time and maximized efficiency.
          [NEW!] Wide-Area 3D Measurement System - Compare 3D Data to CAD Models
          Measure nearly 800,000 data points in as little as 4 seconds. New features include the ability to compare 3D data to CAD models, pass/fail analysis, and batch processing for increased throughput. Quantifying and analyzing 3D surfaces has never been easier.
          Improving Inspections with Line Scan Cameras
          This document explains inspection techniques taking advantage of powerful line scan cameras with high resolution and simple continuous processing.

          ·Cylinder side-surface inspection
          ·Inspection of complex shapes
          ·Wide-field, ultra high-resolution inspection
          ·In-line, high-speed inspection

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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