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          Newsletter 2016

          June 27, 2016

          Subject :

          A Vision Sensor That Ensures a High-Degree of Installation Freedom

          A Vision Sensor the Size of Your Thumb
          With the smallest head size in its class, this vision sensor can be installed in spaces too compact for previous sensors. It's equipped with a wide variety of inspection tools including shape detection, color judgment, outer & inner diameter, width, pin pitch and more.
          KEYENCE's Newest Laser Marking Technology
          KEYENCE's newest hybrid laser marker combines the advantages of a YVO4 and fiber laser marker to achieve high-quality and high-speed marking. The built-in 2D code reader, IP64 rating and 3-Axis control are just a few features that make this laser marker stand out. Download this guide to learn more.
          Do You Use Roughness Gauges and Profilers?
          Have you ever encountered the limitations of roughness gauges and profile measuring instruments? Read how you can solve your measurement problems using our latest instant 3D measurement system!
          1D/2D Code Reader General Catalog: Identification Solutions for All
          This catalog contains information on our full lineup of 1D and 2D readers along with our extensive line of dedicated control and communication devices. It also contains the latest applications in part and product management.
          Microscope Technical Guide (Tips for Maximizing Microscope Usage)
          We would like to introduce you to techniques used to resolve issues and inquiries that we have received from microscope users.
          Now you can...

          ·Capture high quality images
          ·Improve efficiency, accuracy, and analysis
          ·Save time
          [NEW!] The Future of Handheld CMM Technology
          KEYENCE's coordinate measuring machine gives you a full-range of motion with its innovative handheld probe. Measure a part, from any direction, with augmented reality guidance.
          20 Successful Applications for Machine Vision Systems
          This guide introduces the benefits of introducing KEYENCE vision systems in a variety of industries.

          ·Metals and automotive
          ·Electronics and semiconductor
          ·Medical and pharmaceutical
          ·Food, packaging, and consumer products
          Sensor Resource Guide
          Better understand sensor detection principles and different kinds of sensors available.
          Inspection: Milling and Lathe Processing
          Read about common obstacles that quality faces when measuring and inspecting milled and lathed parts, and how they are able to easily overcome these challenges.
          Perform 100% Inspection with KEYENCE's In-Line 2D Optical Comparator
          The TM Series allows manufacturers to measure 2 Dimensions, in-line, with micron precision. Follow the link below to learn the secrets behind KEYENCE's In-Line 2D Measurement System.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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