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          Newsletter 2016

          August 08, 2016

          Subject :

          [NEW!] BT-W Handheld Mobile Computer

          Manufacturing Made Smarter: Introducing the BT-W Series
          With 20+ years of providing mobile computing solutions in manufacturing, KEYENCE has purpose-built the BT-W Series to empower any worker and meet every demand.
          Choosing Between Contact and Non-Contact Measurement Sensors
          Many applications struggle because the wrong sensor was chosen for the job. Download this guide and learn all about the advantages and disadvantages of contact and non-contact measurement sensors and start choosing like a pro!
          Measuring Made Easy, Like It Should Be
          Parts with features and dimensions that previously have been difficult or impossible to measure using measuring microscopes or optical comparators can be done quickly, easily, and accurately. Place up to 100 parts on the stage, press the button, and receive all your critical measurements in just a matter of seconds!
          100 Machine Vision Tips Learned from Actual Stable Inspection Examples
          [Image Filter Edition, Vol. 2]
          Read Volume 2 of our series on image filters to learn effective ways of using image enhancement filters to process captured images, making them easier to measure or inspect.

          ·Blur Filter
          ·Shade-Correction Filter
          ·Edge Extraction Filters
          Solve Any Application!
          Detect any change in appearance with the LR-W Series. Confirm proper coatings/textures, detect registration marks, and verify color.
          12 Industries that Benefit from New Microscope Technology
          This guide provides useful information to help solve R&D issues and improve quality. Learn different analysis techniques used across these industries and the latest advancements in microscopy.
          Easy Setup Makes KEYENCE'S Vision Sensor a Popular Choice!
          First-time users of KEYENCE'S IV Series are already masters thanks to built-in illumination and lenses as well as the ability to adjust settings automatically with just the push of a button.
          Warpage, Waviness, and Flatness Measurements in Seconds
          Measuring and understanding the complete surface of a sample has been difficult with measurement tools that use only point or lines. The VR Series can measure complete surfaces for a full understanding of warpage, waviness, flatness measurements and more by using a non-contact white light, and can compare scans to CAD files and run GO/NG inspection.
          Improved Laser Marker Communication
          KEYENCE laser markers now have the industries top standards for communication built in! EtherNet/IP™, EtherNet/TCPIP, PROFINET, Active X, RS-232 and more than 50 on board hard wire I/O options. Download this guide to learn more now!
          Line Scan Cameras
          - High-Resolution Inspection of Wide Areas or Cylinders
          Detailed inspections previously difficult to perform with area cameras are now possible. See this guide for examples of line scan inspections, including:

          ·Large or Wide Parts
          ·Cylinders and Complex Shapes
          ·Inline, High-Speed Web Inspection

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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