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          Newsletter 2016

          September 12, 2016

          Subject :

          All Types of Measurement, Only One Device, KEYENCE 2D/3D Profilers

          KEYENCE LJ-V Series, the profiler that offers a solution to any problem
          ·High-speed 2D/3D Measurements
          ·Industry Leading High Dynamic Range
          ·New One-Click Setting Optimization

          This product is a must have for anyone performing in-line measurements. Download the catalog to learn more about this one-of-a-kind profiler.
          19 Ways to Reduce Inspection Time
          Have you ever wanted to measure the dimensions of complex appearances quickly, easily, and accurately? This guide is a must-see for anyone who still hasn't checked out KEYENCE's image dimension measurement system.
          3D Vision Cameras for Difficult Inspections
          A must-read for anyone challenged by unstable, machine vision inspections due to:

          ·Defects related to variations in height
          ·Variations in color or reflectivity
          ·Changes in surface conditions between parts
          Stop Static from Causing Foreign Particle Adhesion!
          By understanding the mechanisms behind the static cling of foreign particles as well as how materials can generate static charge, one can easily determine the effective range to eliminate static.
          Six 3D Measurement Devices in One
          There are many disadvantages to using only one type of 3D measurement tool. This guide shows how KEYENCE's VR-3000 Series is able to overcome many of the obstacles of conventional measurement tools and microscopes.
          Laser Marking in the Automotive Industry
          Automotive manufacturers and part suppliers have stressed the importance of establishing traceability using 2D code marking. Download this guide to see why KEYENCE laser markers are the best solution for direct part marking in the automotive industry.
          Convincing Observation Images and Analysis Results
          Have you ever found that you and a customer have different opinions about the cause of a product's defect? Solve this with a KEYENCE digital microscope.
          Build-Up Resistant Sensor
          The PX Series features an incredibly high-powered beam to blast through any kind of build-up, spray, or debris.
          Using Color for More Reliable Vision System Inspections
          It is always better to use all the color information from a vision camera when inspecting products. Learn how to use color cameras to convert colors into a high contrast image and more accurately detect part defects or locate specific features.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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