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Newsletter 2016

October 11, 2016

Subject :

[NEW Product] DO-IT-ALL Detection Sensor

[NEW!] DO-IT-ALL Detection Sensor
The new LR-ZH sensor detects based on both distance AND intensity. Meaning dark, metal, or even transparent targets can be stably detected from over 19" (500mm) away.
A Vision Sensor the Size of Your Thumb that can Detect Over a Large Area
The IV Series can be installed anywhere with a maximum field of view of 412 mm x 550 mm. It can perform up to 16 points of judgement for presence, color, shape, and size.
Making the Switch to Non-Contact Measurement
·100% Inspection
·Reduce Cycle Time
·Eliminate Operator Error

All of these are possible with non-contact measurement, read the guide below as well as our product brochure to learn more about how you can start making these improvements today.
Inspecting Shape Defects in Molded and Pressed Parts with New 3D Measurement Capabilities
These technical guides provide information on how both common and hard-to-spot defects (sink marks, warpage, etc.) in surface shape can be easily visualized, measured, and inspected offline to improve process controls.
Laser Marker Unique Built-In Camera
KEYENCE's newest laser marker incorporates a built-in camera to provide a marking image, 2D barcode reader, and marking comparison in a single unit. This brochure describes the capabilities of the multi-function camera along with a series of case studies.
Imaging & Analysis Techniques for Screws, Resin, Connectors, and Solder
This guidebook provides basic knowledge such as component types, terminology, and characteristics. Use this technical guide with detailed images and explanations to learn advanced inspection techniques.
100 Tips from Successful Vision Inspections [Image Enhance Edition Vol. 3]
·Extracting minor defects among larger features
·Improving edge location when little contrast exists
·Subtracting known features to locate small part variations

Download this text to learn how to perform stable inspections using image filtering techniques.
What You Need to Know about Injection Molding
Injection molding is a method of shape forming by using a mold, which starts from melting the material, followed by feed, solidification, removal, and finish. Download this technical guide on injection molding to review and familiarize yourself with the ins-and-outs of injection molding, advantages and disadvantages of various inspection equipments, and application examples.
Improving Inspections with Line Scan Cameras
This document explains techniques taking advantage of powerful, high-resolution line scan cameras for simple, continuous inspections.

·Cylinder side-surface inspection
·Inspection of large or complex parts
·Wide-field, high-resolution inspection
·High-speed, continuous inspection
Consolidate Lean Manufacturing with Handheld Mobile Computers
KEYENCE handheld mobile computers can help you reduce mistakes, increase output, and work smarter in a variety of processes such as assembly and inspection. The guide below outlines several factory automation applications that can be used in a wide variety of industries. Use this guide to learn about applications that use barcodes and handheld mobile computers to streamline manufacturing results.

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