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          Newsletter 2016

          October 24, 2016

          Subject :

          New Product Eliminates Lighting Headaches!

          [New!] Vision System Allows Anyone to Easily Develop a Product Inspection
          Are you not sure which lighting to use? Do you believe a high level of specialized skill is required to solve difficult product inspections? Finally, the CV-X400 Series vision system lets anyone create optimal images in just three simple steps.
          Quality Inspection Slowing You Down?
          Improving your quality inspection processes is critical as increasing regulations and standards require higher quality inspection accuracy and throughput. With the IM Series, inspection jobs that used to take hours can now be completed in a fraction of the time and can help you meet your deadlines and satisfy your inspection standards.
          Laser Marking Customer Testimonial - BorgWarner
          BorgWarner enjoys the KEYENCE Advantages of being able to auto-focus and verify 2D codes using the built-in camera on the MD-X laser marker. Download this customer testimonial to learn how these features will keep them a KEYENCE customer long-term.
          Read Multiple Barcodes with One Unit!
          This reader makes it possible to simultaneously read codes of two parts being put together during an assembly process. Long-range and wide-field reading is also flexibly supported with easy configuration.
          Surface Profilers:
          Stylus vs. Non-contact
          What are the pros and cons of using contact vs. non-contact surface profilers? Check out this guide for a detailed comparison of these types of measurement systems with a variety of criteria, including measurement targets, measurement accuracy, and operability.
          Now Introducing Your Complete Sensor & Safety Lineup Guide!
          From the impressive appearance-based sensing abilities of the LR-W Full Spectrum Sensor, to the industry leading innovations of the SZ-V Safety Scanner and more - this is your complete guide to anything Sensor and Safety.
          Observation Capability Selected by More Than 10,000 Companies, Digital Microscope VHX Series
          Now, anyone can easily observe targets that were conventionally difficult to see.

          Catalog includes:
          ·Product concept of the microscope
          ·Latest functions (i.e. 2D/3D measurement)
          ·Application examples
          [NEW!] High Accuracy Contact Probes with KEYENCE's Image Processing Technology
          The GT2 Series uses a NEW principle that is completely different from conventional contact probes. Download this catalog for more information about our "Scale Shot System II" technology, which is equipped with a CMOS sensor.
          Bringing the CMM to the Shop Floor
          The XM Series is an innovative NEW handheld coordinate measurement machine.

          ·Bridges the gap between hand tools and CMMs
          ·Install and use anywhere in the facility
          ·Ease-of-use allows operation by anyone, anywhere
          100% inspection with the KEYENCE 2D In-Line Optical Comparator
          Use this document to learn about the versatility and merit behind this 2D measurement system. Learning these advantages can help you improve your measurement accuracy, tact time, and reduce your costs.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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