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          Newsletter 2016

          November 21, 2016

          Subject :

          Discover What Makes the Laser Marker Virtually Maintenance-Free

          Laser Marking Customer Testimonial - Doosan
          Doosan chose KEYENCE laser markers because of the advantages of the user-friendly software and built-in distance pointer. Download this customer testimonial to see why they find the laser marker to be "virtually maintenance-free".
          All of the Code Reader Information You Need in One Catalog!
          Read, visualize, connect! KEYENCE's Auto ID general catalog, containing everything you need to know about code readers, is now complete. This catalog can help solve all of your code reading problems.
          Microscope Application Examples
          What's Possible with Digital Microscopes? Learn about some unique ways to use microscopes.

          5 Examples Included:
          ·Imaging large objects
          ·High-mag metallurgical analysis
          ·Polarized/differential interference contrast observation
          ·Borescope observation
          ·Measuring microscope example
          Clamp-On Flow Sensor
          Monitor coolant, water, oil and more from the outside of any rigid pipe. The FD-Q Series clamps directly to a pipe without any pipe modification!
          Machine Vision:
          Engineer Know-how Vol. 1
          ·How to cancel variations in surface conditions for stable inspections
          ·How to detect only foreign particles without being affected by target shape
          What If You Could Inspect Your Parts in Seconds?
          With the Instant Measurement System, you can measure up to 99 dimensions in just seconds. Download the catalog to find out how you can drastically reduce the time you spend inspecting parts.
          Making the Switch to Non-Contact Measurement
          ·100% Inspection
          ·Reduced Cycle Times
          ·Eliminate Operator Errors

          All of these are possible with non-contact measurement, read the guide below to learn more about how you can start making these improvements today.
          A CMM for All of Your Needs
          Here are the three things you need to know about our new XM Series:

          ·3x more precise than an arm-type CMMs
          ·Shop floor ready
          ·Easy enough for ANYONE to take GD&T measurements and generate professional reports

          Check out this guide to learn more.
          Highly Stable Vison Sensors That Eliminates Incorrect Detections
          The IV Series is a new type of vision sensor designed for highly stable detection that puts a halt to incorrect readings. Download this guide to learn how the IV Series can solve your vision sensor problems today!
          [Case Study]
          3D Surface Analysis
          Soft samples, operator variability, samples with large projections and depressions, and lengthy analysis time have all been common problems associated with contact or conventional surface analysis equipment. This document will review various case studies on how users have overcome these obstacles, with applications ranging from thin films, break pads, tool wear, and more.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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