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          Newsletter 2016

          December 05, 2016

          Subject :

          [NEW!] High-Performance Vision System - Powerful, Flexible, Versatile

          [NEW!] Customizable Vision System - XG-X Series
          Need the fastest cameras, the highest resolution, or a 3D profile? A powerful, 14-core vision system connects seamlessly to the fastest, most versatile camera selection using the most flexible software. Download this catalog for all the details.
          Useful Inspection and Analysis Techniques
          Want to improve your analysis? Download this guide to see the many options available within a single microscope.

          Some options include:
          ·Non-destructive inspection
          ·View deep recesses
          ·Highly-precise dimensional measurement
          Detection Abilities You Wouldn't Believe!
          Color variations? Done. Texture changes? You bet. Even thread detection? Yes!
          Your First Machine Vision System (Vol. 1) - Selecting a Camera
          Beginner's guide to KEYENCE's Vision Systems and selecting the correct camera.

          ·Is high-resolution necessary?
          ·Color or monochrome camera?
          ·High-speed or standard-speed camera?
          ·Is the camera small enough?
          Improve In-Process and
          Pre-Shipment Inspections
          KEYENCE'S Instant Measurement System can make up to 99 measurements in just 3 seconds. This guide explains the benefits of installing these systems in a variety of inspection scenarios, such as in-process and pre-shipment inspections.
          Everything You Need to Know about Profile Measurement Systems
          Many people have heard of Laser Profilers, but don't understand what they do or how they work. Use this guide to learn the ins and outs of laser profilers so you can capitalize on this technology and start improving your system today!
          Reduce Costs with These Tough Contact Sensors
          The GT2 Series can be used where other sensors can't. Sensors that suffer from damage due to impacts and environmental factors such as dust, water, and oil can't compare to the GT2. A sensor this tough will also lead to reduced costs.
          3D Profile Measurement System: Industry Examples
          This guide is a collection of profile measurement applications grouped by industry (automotive, semiconductor, etc.) and manufacturing methods (pressing, etc.). Download this guide to learn key points for these applications along with analytical images.
          A Handheld Mobile Computer that Stands Up to Harsh Environments
          ·High-speed reading
          ·Ergonomic Design
          ·Long-term battery life

          The BT-W Series is designed from the ground up to maximize value, and provide a stress-free work environment. Check out the catalog to find out how the BT-W Series can help your worksite.
          Laser Marker Technology Guide
          Our popular laser marking guide provides easy-to-understand explanations of KEYENCE Laser Marking technology. Download now to see how our technical guide can help you understand more about lasers and how they fit into your production process.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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