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          Newsletter 2017

          January 30, 2017

          Subject :

          Improve Your Production and Quality Capabilities

          Improve Your Production and Quality Capabilities
          Injection molded parts are just one example of parts that can be difficult to inspect using conventional tools. The IM Series allows anyone to fully inspect up to 99 parts in 3 seconds with the push of a button.
          Making the Switch to Non-Contact Measurement
          ·100% Inspection
          ·Reduce Cycle Time
          ·Eliminate Operator Error

          All these are possible with non-contact measurement, read the guide below as well as our product brochure to learn more about how you can start making these improvements today.
          How to Deal with Static Electricity Effectively & Efficiently
          Static electricity cannot be directly observed with human senses. It is important to consider the theories that explain this phenomenon through indirect observation in order to eliminate static completely.
          Warpage, Waviness, and Flatness Measurements in Seconds
          Measuring and understanding the complete surface of a sample has been difficult with measurement tools that use only points or lines. The VR Series can measure and analyze entire sample surfaces, compare scans to 3D CAD models, and run pass/fail inspection.
          Discover the Advantages of Laser Marking on Metal
          Laser markers are becoming the most widely used method for marking on metal. If you're looking for a high quality permanent mark that has no consumable costs, then laser marking is for you! Download this guide to discover even more advantages of laser marking on metal.
          Learn Observation and Analysis Strategies from Other Industries
          This guide contains a collection of implemented and applied VHX Digital Microscope examples.
          Download to learn about how others have:

          1. Improved quality
          2. Reduced analysis time
          3. Saved money by reducing scrap
          4. Quickly managed any defects
          Reducing Production Mistakes with Barcodes
          Performing comparison verifications and visual inspections by hand can result in a lot of careless mistakes. Anyone can easily Integrate handheld mobile computers to increase accuracy and work efficiency in production processes. Check out this guide to see how easy it is.
          [NEW!] Spec This Out!
          The new LR-ZH detects dark, metal, and even transparent targets. Extreme stability and easy calibration has made this sensor the new standard for OEMs and large End Users.
          Vision System Engineer's Know-How Guide, Vol. 5
          Do you know how to:

          ·Eliminate subtle noise or detect small changes?
          ·Perform inspections while ignoring the background conditions?

          Download this guide for the answers.
          World's First Complete 3D Vision System
          Three Keys to 3D Vision Success:

          ·Unparalleled Laser Profiling Technology
          ·Most Powerful 3D Measurement and Inspection Tools
          ·Encoder Synchronized with a Single Click

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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