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February 13, 2017

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KEYENCE LJ-V Series, Performing Reference Measurements the Right Way

KEYENCE LJ-V SERIES, the Optimal Device for Height Differences
·Automatically adjust for slant and misalignment
·High-speed sampling

Download this brochure to learn about the advantages of using the LJV Series Profiler for height difference measurements.
Taking Vision Sensors to the Next Level
A new model of our IV Series is available now. It still features the same low cost and ease of use but with many new edge measurement tools such as width, diameter, and pitch!
Confocal Microscopy: Application Guide
See how industries have applied the newest in confocal microscopy to solve a variety of their applications. Issues that could not be solved with optical microscopes, SEMs, and roughness gauges have all been solved with a single system, which allows for fast, accurate, and non-contact scans. Applications covered include wafers, PCBs, brake pad wear, treated metal surfaces, and more.
Marking and Processing Metal with Laser Markers
Are you looking to permanently mark your metal parts while maintaining low running costs? Download this brochure to see how laser markers can provide a value-added solution for marking and processing metal.
Improved Inspection & Product Development
See what microscope capabilities give engineers the upper hand in R&D, QC, and FA applications.
Capabilities including:

1. Multi-angle observation
2. Measurement & quantification
3. Clear image capture
Long-Time Best Seller: GP-M Series Pressure Sensor
The GP-M Series is a long-time standard for air, water, and oil pressure sensing applications. It is truly easy to use, set up, and select...Click below to see the lineup!
Vision System Engineer's Know-How Guide, Vol. 6
Need to save time and reduce your engineering costs? Learn how to:

1. Easily create an operation manual customized to your vision system application
2. Quickly adjust camera position, focus, and brightness to:
·Replicate a successful application on a new production line
·Recover from accidental change in camera mounting or environment
All the Code Reader Information You Need in One Resource!
Read, visualize, connect! KEYENCE's AutoID general catalog containing everything you need to know about code readers is now complete. This catalog can help solve all your barcode reading problems!
Eliminate User-to-User Hand Tool Variability
Our handheld probe CMM solves the age-old problem of variability among inspectors using calipers/gages. The XM provides the familiarity and ease of hand tools with the capabilities of a CMM.
Reducing Quality Inspection from Hours to Minutes
With a single IM Series, you can do everything from performing dimensional measurement in just seconds to convenient, automated data management. Check out the catalog for information on our latest technology, including a new type of illumination and a height probe attachment.

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