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          Newsletter 2017

          February 27, 2017

          Subject :

          Highly Accurate & Reliable Contact Sensors From KEYENCE

          A Low-Maintenance Contact Sensor with a Long Service Life
          The GT2 Series solves a variety of problems seen at worksites, such as sensors breaking often and being difficult to adjust. KEYENCE's unique status as a direct-sales manufacturer led us to develop a new structural principle, The Scale Shot System II, to counter these issues.
          3D Inspection, Analysis, and CAD Compare
          The VR Series Wide-Area 3D Measurement System creates highly accurate 3D models of entire samples quickly and without contact. This guide will tell you all about the functions of the VR Series, along with industry examples of the latest inspection applications, such as comparisons with CAD data and pass/fail inspection.
          Simplify Traceability with KEYENCE Laser Markers
          This guide introduces full traceability systems using laser markers. It includes marking codes on parts, reading codes, managing information and more. Download this guide to learn how to implement traceability systems at your facility.
          How Could the Latest Microscope Technology Benefit You?
          Use this guide to help solve R&D issues and improve quality. Observation examples and analysis techniques used across 12 different industries are included.
          The Safety Scanner Has Been Reinvented
          Industry "Firsts" with the SZ-V Series:

          ·Longest range in the industry
          ·Camera for setup and monitoring
          ·Detachable display for remote mounting
          Improve Efficiency with Handheld Mobile Computers
          Hand-writing reports then re-entering handwritten data into a PC is time-consuming and prone to mistakes. With a KEYENCE Handheld Mobile Computer, you can quickly and easily improve conventionally time-consuming manual tasks, as well as add traceability to reduce mistakes.
          Inspection Traceability Made Easy
          Vision System Database:

          ·Link images, inspection results, & barcode data
          ·Easy setup / No expensive integration
          ·Log all vision program changes
          ·Retest stored images in database
          Making the Switch from Conventional Measurement Tools
          See why companies are making the switch from hand tools and optical comparators to KEYENCE's new Instant Measurement System. Read how the IM Series can perform previously impossible measurements on metal processed parts, top-lit features, and more!
          Making the Switch to Non-Contact Measurement
          ·100% Inspection
          ·Increase Quality and Throughput
          ·Reduce Cycle Times

          Read this brochure to learn about the many advantages that come when making the switch from hand tools to KEYENCE's advanced optical micrometers.
          3D Vision - Making the Impossible Possible
          The World's First Complete 3D Vision System:

          ·Unparalleled Laser Profiling Technology
          ·Most Powerful 3D Measurement and Inspection Tools
          ·Encoder Synchronized with a Single Click

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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