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          Newsletter 2017

          March 13, 2017

          Subject :

          New Digital Microscope Expands and Improves Analysis

          [NEW!] VHX Digital Microscope
          Our latest microscope provides new inspection and analysis features, including ISO contamination measurement and ASTM-compliant grain analysis, along with a multi-lighting function that allows users to see surface features like never before.
          [NEW!] Tool to Conquer Light Curtain Alignment
          The new laser alignment tool is now 1 of 3 options on the GL-R Series that help eliminate common issues associated with misalignment (false trips, lengthy setup, downtime, etc). Click below to see how these tools work.
          100 Tips Learned from Real-World Vision System Inspections
          [Image Filter Edition, Vol. 1]
          ·Remove glare and effects of uneven lighting
          ·Ignore variations in reflectivity off metal parts
          ·Combining filters for difficult inspections
          1D/2D Code Reader General Catalog: ID Solutions for All!
          This catalog contains information on our full lineup of 1D and 2D readers along with our extensive line of dedicated control and communication devices. It also contains the latest applications in part and product management.
          [NEW!] Handheld CMM = Measurement Freedom
          KEYENCE's CMM allows a full-range of motion with its handheld probe. Measure a part from any direction, while being guided by innovative augmented reality assistance.
          Multiple Operators, Consistent Results
          Not only are the measurement results of the IM Series independent of the user, it only takes 3 seconds to inspect each part. Measurement results are then automatically recorded and input into an inspection report created by the system.
          KEYENCE LJ-V SERIES, the Optimal Device for Height Differences
          ·Automatic adjustments for slant and misalignment
          ·High-Speed Sampling

          Download this brochure to learn about the advantages of using the LJV Series Profiler for height difference measurements.
          Laser Confocal: Shape Measurements
          Laser microscopes can perform ultra-precise evaluations of shapes that are micrometers or smaller in size. Use this guide to learn about the structure and principles of laser microscopes with helpful illustrations.
          Successful Resin Marking & Processing Applications Using Lasers
          Looking to create a permanent mark directly on your part without paying consumable costs? If so, then laser marking is your best solution! Download this guide to learn about laser marking and processing resin and plastic parts successfully.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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