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          Newsletter 2017

          April 24, 2017

          Subject :

          3D Shape Analysis in Seconds

          3D Shape Analysis in Seconds
          Measuring and understanding the complete surface of a sample has been difficult with tools that use only points or lines. The VR Series can measure and analyze entire sample surfaces, compare scans to 3D CAD models, and run pass/fail inspections.
          Now Available: New and Improved Fiber Laser Marker
          KEYENCE's fiber laser marker provides improved marking quality while shortening marking times. The environmental resistance and communication protocol, such as EtherNet/IP™ and PROFINET, simplify integration.
          [NEW!] VHX Digital Microscope
          Our latest microscope provides new inspection and analysis features, including ISO contamination measurement and ASTM-compliant grain analysis, along with a multi-lighting function that allows users to see surface features like never before.
          Liquid Flow Monitoring Made Simple
          The FD-Q Series Flow Sensor clamps on to any rigid pipe to monitor virtually any liquid. Setup time is minimal and there is no downtime required.
          KEYENCE LJ-V SERIES, the Optimal Device for Height Differences
          ·Automatically adjust for slant and misalignment
          ·High-speed sampling

          Download this brochure to learn about the advantages of using the LJV Series Profiler for height difference measurements.
          Real Industry Examples of Handheld Mobile Computer Use
          See how installing handheld mobile computers will improve processes such as receiving inspection, product traceability, and error proofing.
          [NEW!] Instant Measurement for Large Parts
          The IM-7000 Series has 4x the measurement volume of previous generations. Perform up to 99 measurements in seconds, even on taller and larger parts.
          Vision System Image Processing Tips (Vol. 1) - Lenses
          High-quality images are essential for any defect inspection. Acquire the knowledge you need to choose the best lens for your vision system inspection.

          ·Lens Types
          ·Differences in lens structure
          ·Lens characteristics
          ·And more!
          Perform Measurements with High Accuracy at a Reasonable Cost
          The GT2 Series contact sensor measures to 1 μm accuracy for a low cost. Combined with an IP-67G housing, an incredible 200 million cycle lifespan, and optional display software, the GT2 series proves to be a powerful tool for any engineer.
          Why People Choose KEYENCE's New 3D Vision System
          Powerful 3D inspection features only available from KEYENCE:

          ·Vibration correction
          ·Dual-head, dead-angle removal
          ·Noise spike removal
          ·Simultaneous use of 3D & 2D cameras

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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