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          Newsletter 2017

          May 08, 2017

          Subject :

          Now Available: New and Improved Fiber Laser Marker

          Now Available: New and Improved Fiber Laser Marker
          KEYENCE's fiber laser marker provides improved marking quality while shortening marking times. The environmental resistance and communication protocol, such as EtherNet/IP™ and PROFINET, simplify integration.
          Using 3D Analysis for Inspecting Shape Defects in Molded and Pressed Parts
          These technical guides provide information on how both common and hard-to-spot defects (sink marks, warpage, etc.) in surface shape can be easily visualized, measured, and inspected offline to improve process controls.
          The Electrostatic Handbook Covers All Static Related Issues
          Comprehension is key when it comes to eliminating static. This handbook provides easy-to-understand explanations on the mechanism of static electricity generation and the solutions to combat it.
          Instantly Quantify Contamination and Foreign Particles
          Our latest microscope quickly images and measures particulates, corrosion, and voids and automatically outputs detailed reports. The new system is also compliant with the ISO 16232 standard. Download to learn more.
          Heavy Duty Pressure Sensor For Any Application
          Solve hydraulic or pneumatic applications with ease. The GP-M Series Pressure Sensor is a simple, all-in-one solution.
          Vision System Useful Tips, Vol. 2 - Lenses
          This guide will help you choose the best lens for vision system quality inspections.

          ·Depth of field
          ·Lens resolution
          ·Distortion, etc.
          Code Readers That Anyone Can Configure
          Simply read a code by pushing the function button on the code reader. This lets anyone configure the code reader to the optimal settings to match the marking style, without having to use a PC.
          [NEW!] Next Generation 3D Inspection
          The XM Series handheld CMM combines two fields of technology to take measurements, optics and touch. This allows any user to easily operate the system while achieving high accuracy and repeatability.
          [NEW!] Bigger, Faster, Stronger Instant Measurement System!
          How long would it take you to measure an 8"x8" part? Our new IM-7000 Series has a large measurement area that allows anyone to measure up to 99 dimensions in seconds on larger and taller parts!
          Making the Switch to Non-Contact Measurement
          ·Eliminate Operate Error
          ·Increase Quality and Throughput
          ·100% Part Inspection

          Read this guide to learn about the many advantages that come when making the switch from hand tools to KEYENCE's advanced optical micrometers.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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