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          Newsletter 2017

          June 19, 2017

          Subject :

          [New!] Instant 3D Measurement

          [NEW!] 3D Measurement in 0.13 Seconds!
          The WI Series uses an area measurement principle which allows one to gather 80,000 points of height data in just 0.13 seconds. Couple that speed with extreme z accuracy, and you get a device capable of both inline and offline inspection. Download the brochure to learn more.
          The First Full-Model Change of the IM Series
          The NEW Instant Measurement system allows anyone to perform hundreds of precision measurements in seconds, but with significantly improved performance, including 4x the measurement volume! Download the brochure to see the all of the changes.
          Inkjet Coding in the Automotive Industry
          Industrial inkjet coders are becoming more prevalent in the automotive industry as traceability requirements increase. Inkjet printers are beneficial for the following reasons:

          ·High-speed printing on moving targets
          ·Non-contact marking
          ·Easily links to peripheral equipment

          Download this guide to see application examples.
          A Contact Sensor with a Lifetime of Over 200 Million Cycles
          Think that contact sensors are disposable tools that easily break down? Think again: KEYENCE has created a contact sensor that can withstand even the harshest environments and has a lifetime of over 200 million cycles.
          Visualize and Analyze 3D Surfaces in Seconds
          Accurately and quickly evaluating objects for critical 3D dimensions can be quite difficult. See how customers use our VR Series 3D Optical Profiler to solve a range of applications involving warpage, flatness, profile, and angle measurements.
          CASE STUDY - KEYENCE Laser Marker
          BorgWarner enjoys the KEYENCE Advantages of being able to auto-focus and verify 2D codes using the built-in camera on the MD-X laser marker. Download this customer testimonial to learn how these features will keep them a KEYENCE customer long-term.
          The Ultimate Microscope for Engineering, R&D, and Failure Analysis
          Our newest microscope gives you fully-focused images of your part from any angle, a ton of advanced measurement functions, and even 3D analysis capabilities. Download to learn how this system can transform your lab and the way you work.
          Difficulty Detecting Targets with Harsh Angles?
          The LR-T Series provides highly stable detection on angled or rounded targets that conventional sensors can't handle. Due to its impressive processing power and distance -based sensing technology which eliminate false trips, missed targets, or instability.
          Implementing Vision Systems to Improved Visual Inspections
          The human eye excels at detecting a variety of defective items, but also has serious weaknesses:

          ·Subjective judgment criteria
          ·Impossible on high-speed lines
          ·Details easily overlooked
          ·Difficult to manage the inspection history
          Make it Yourself! Create Custom Handheld Mobile Computer Applications, No Programming Required!
          Typical integration of new handheld mobile computers has a large overhead in time and development costs. The Application Design Tool eliminates the difficulty of implementing an inventory or warehouse management solution.
          Easily Perform 3D Shape and Dimension Inspections
          KEYENCE's 3D vision system enables in-line visualization and quantification of 3D shapes.

          ·Intuitive 3D dimensions and geometry tools
          ·Unique profile views to easily extract specific 3D features

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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