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July 05, 2017

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Better, Faster, Stronger! The SR-2000 is 2x Greater Than Conventional Models!

The SR-2000: One Reader for Any Code, Anywhere, at Any Speed!
Obtain a wider field of view and greater depth of field at a longer range. Work as fast as the targets can move. No experience is required to master the SR-2000 Series.
3D Calipers
What if your calipers could perform advanced 3D measurements (including GD&T), automatically record data, and create inspection reports? Learn how the XM Series bridges the gap between hand tools and CMMs.
[NEW!] Automated Comparator
Our Instant Measurement system can automatically measure your parts in seconds! Download this brochure to learn more about our latest model's capabilities.
In-Process Dimensional Measurements!
Laser measurement has many advantages including these in-process benefits:

·Enables 100% inspection and process control
·Eliminates operator error
·Allows high accuracy measurements of soft targets

Find product issues INSTANTLY! Don't run bad product for hours or even minutes before finding an issue!
The Highest Static Elimination Capacity in the Industry!
The SJ Series of static eliminators offers high-speed static elimination with a high-precision ion balance. Download this catalog to choose the static elimination method that's best for your application.
Seven Key 3D Measurement & Analysis Functions of Laser Scanning Microscopes
If you're using or considering to use a contact profiler, interferometer, 3D scanner, or other surface measurement system, then this guide will introduce you to the latest capabilities in surface measurement technology.
Laser Marker with Built-In Multi-Function Camera
KEYENCE's newest laser marker incorporates a built-in camera to provide a marking image, 2D barcode reader, and marking comparison in a single unit. This brochure describes the capabilities of the multi-function camera along with a series of case studies.
[NEW!] Digital Microscope Technology
The VHX-6000 is now able to perform contamination measurements that support the ISO 16232 standard. Obtaining high resolution images and highly accurate measurements is now not only possible, but, easy.
Trouble Free Sensor that Just Works
No calibration is needed with the PR-M/F Series. Either thrubeams or reflectives come ready out of the box to detect product.
Inspection Traceability Made Easy
Vision System Database:

·Link images, inspection results, & barcode data
·Easy setup / No expensive integration
·Log all vision program changes
·Retest stored images in database
Packaging Technology: Featuring KEYENCE's Industrial Inkjet Printer
Regulations on packaging on are becoming stricter every year. Packages must not only improve product protection, but also communicate information such as expiration dates and logos. Download this guide to learn about the latest packaging technology including KEYENCE's industrial inkjet printers.

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