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          Newsletter 2017

          July 18, 2017

          Subject :

          Curious About 3D Vision System Inspection?

          World's First Complete 3D Vision System
          Three Keys to Successful 3D Vision Inspection:
          ·Unparalleled Laser Profiling Technology
          ·Most Powerful 3D Measurement and Inspection Tools
          ·Encoder Synchronized with a Single Click
          Stocktaking Made Easy with Handheld Mobile Computers
          Are hand-written mistakes and manual data entry costing you time and money? Streamline your data entry with KEYENCE Handheld Mobile Computers! Easily introduce these into your workflow to see improvements immediately. Check out our guide to find out how.
          Tips for Improving Productivity
          Increase efficiency in your printing process by checking out these helpful tips and tricks for improved usability with an industrial inkjet printer. Read this brochure to learn more about:
          ·Decreasing downtime with easy to perform maintenance
          ·Preventing user errors in print settings
          ·Inspecting printed messages quickly and easily
          [NEW!] Instant Measurement for Large Parts
          With the new 8"x8" stage size, you can measure all of your dimensions in seconds, even on taller and larger parts.
          Making the Switch to Non-Contact Measurement
          ·100% Inspection
          ·Increase Quality and Throughput
          ·Reduce Cycle Times

          Read this brochure to learn about the many advantages that come when making the switch from hand tools to KEYENCE's advanced optical micrometers.
          Easily Automate Visual Inspections at a Low Cost
          By integrating lens, lighting, and camera all into one package, the IV vision sensor greatly reduces the typical cost and complication when using vision. Our free setup software is also the easiest to use in the market, which means you can install, program, and start inspecting faster than ever before.
          Get Rid of Your Contact Profiler!
          Capturing 3D data has traditionally been done using contact profilometers. However, these systems can be difficult to set up, time-consuming to operate, and not provide the data needed to truly understand a surface. The VR Series scans an entire area in as little as 4 seconds with the push of a button. See how this system can help you.
          Reduce Personnel and Equipment Costs in Marking and Processing
          This guide introduces examples of process improvements made possible by laser markers.
          Download this guide for solutions to the following problems and more.

          ·Reduce setup time for product changeover
          ·Minimize equipment costs for data management
          Imaging & Analysis Techniques for Screws, Resin, Connectors, and Solder
          This guidebook provides basic knowledge such as component types, terminology, and characteristics. Use this technical guide with detailed images and explanations to learn advanced inspection techniques using digital microscopes.
          Updated Sensor & Safety Resource
          Click below to check out the latest Sensor & Safety products - includes condensed specs for our most commonly used sensors in the field.
          100 Tips for Stable Vision System Inspections
          Why reinvent the wheel? In this guide, experts introduce real-world techniques for stable vision system inspections.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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