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          Newsletter 2017

          August 14, 2017

          Subject :

          Improve Your Bottom Line with Digital Microscopes

          Ways to Improve Your Bottom Line with Digital Microscopes
          KEYENCE's digital microscopes help solve problems in a variety of industries and fields. See what our customers had to say about how this equipment benefited their processes and product development.
          We've Made Safety Simple
          Add Safety Light Curtains to your machine in minutes! The GL-R's easy alignment, straightforward brackets, and flexible wiring make integration a breeze!
          Vision System Engineer's Know-How Guide, Vol. 2
          Reduce engineering time. Download this guide to answer questions like these and more:

          ·How do you stabilize inspections in locations that have large light intensity fluctuations?
          ·What do you do if edge position detection is unstable?
          Eliminate Careless Mistakes with Handheld Mobile Computers
          Use Handheld Mobile Computers to increase efficiency and accuracy by eliminating mistakes caused by visual checks.
          Do You Have Problems Printing Dates or Other Information?
          Improvements are hard to come by when performing visual checks of dates and lot numbers. KEYENCE inkjet printers can easily be connected to vision systems. This ensures that even rare cases of missing characters in printed text are caught.
          Making the Switch from Conventional Measurement Tools
          Did you know that the patent for the optical comparator was filed in 1925? How about that calipers date back to ancient China? Download this guide to learn how the IM Series is rewriting the book on dimensional measurements.
          Five Reasons to Switch from Contact Probes to Laser Measurement Systems
          Why are many people switching over to non-contact measurement systems? Read this quick guide to see five ways non-contact solutions are improving productivity at facilities like yours.
          Eliminate Troublesome Static on Your Products!
          The SJ series of static eliminator products rids your materials of static electricity, which if ignored could result in defective products, dusty materials, and shocked workers! Download the catalog to learn how you can easily incorporate an SJ static eliminator into your production.
          Comparing Surface Profiling Systems
          This document provides a thorough and detailed comparison of different 3D measurement devices in terms of their operability, stability, versatility, and measurable targets. See which one fits your needs best.
          Laser Marker Applications for Process Improvement
          This guide uses examples from the automotive industry to introduce applications and advantages of laser markers. Check out this must-read guide to learn about the prevention of improper marking, data management for traceability systems, and more.
          Easily Perform 3D Shape and Dimension Inspections
          KEYENCE's 3D vision system enables in-line inspection and quantification of 3D shapes.

          ·Intuitive 3D dimensions and geometry tools
          ·Unique profile views to easily extract specific 3D features

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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