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          Newsletter 2017

          August 28, 2017

          Subject :

          Process Improvements for the Electronics Industry

          Learn How Laser Marking Can Improve Your Process
          This collection features laser marker application examples with a focus on the electronic device industry.
          You can use these examples to implement process improvements such as reducing product damage and improving machining quality.
          Want to Get More from Your Metallurgical Microscope?
          ·Eliminate out-of-focus images
          ·Improve image contrast and grain structure
          ·Measure dimensions and count grains

          KEYENCE can provide these and other improvements to the observation and analysis capabilities of your microscope. Check out this guide to learn more and to see examples of them in action.
          Curious Why Your Machine Stopped?
          Check out the world's first safety scanner with a built-in camera!
          Easy Vision System Traceability - Vision Database Software
          ·Link Data with images & barcode/PLC data
          ·Easy system setup / No expensive integration
          ·Automatic backup of all vision program changes
          ·Retest stored images in database
          KEYENCE's Popular New Wide Field of View Barcode Reader
          The new SR-2000 series barcode reader has a field of view twice the size of conventional models, which not only means your barcodes can greatly vary in position but that you can also read multiple codes at once with just one reader.
          CMM Capabilities Anywhere
          The XM Series is a completely new portable CMM that was awarded the 2016 R&D 100 Award for technological innovation.

          ·Can be used anywhere, including the shop floor
          ·Compact body and a wide measurement range
          ·Simple enough to be used by anyone
          Improve In-Process and Pre-Shipment Inspections
          KEYENCE'S Instant Measurement System can take hundreds of measurements in just seconds. This guide explains the benefits of installing these systems in a variety of inspection areas, such as in-process and pre-shipment.
          Preventing the Release of Defective Products
          It is difficult to prevent the release of defective products with sample inspections and inspections that require many personnel. This guide introduces examples of inspection automation using displacement sensors including the advantages in terms of costs.
          Reduce Inspection Costs with GT2 Contact Sensors
          The GT2 Series has a wide variety of heads, including air push models that can used without needing a moveable jig. The GT2 also measures to tolerances very similar to more expensive, non-contact systems.
          Improve Your 3D Surface Measurement Data with Laser Scanning Microscopes
          KEYENCE's laser microscopes solve common issues found with conventional surface imaging and measurement systems such as optical microscopes, SEMs, and profilometers. Download this guide to see how these systems compare.
          What Are the 5 Points for Preventing Defective Printing?
          Industrial inkjet printers are essential for printing the dates when products are manufactured.
          In this guide, learn about the 5 points we have discovered for achieving stable and high-quality printing.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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