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          Newsletter 2017

          November 20, 2017

          Subject :

          The Basics of Packaging Technologies

          Packaging Technology: Containers and Labels
          Containers and labels play an important role in increasing the marketability of products. Check out this document to learn about the types and features of containers and labels as well as the latest trends.
          An Innovation in Fast, Precise Measurement
          KEYENCE's Instant Measurement system has revolutionized archaic, conventional inspection tools to allow for "place-and-press" measurement. Within 3 seconds, operators can expect precise, repeatable measurements on 100 critical features.
          KEYENCE LJ-V SERIES: the Optimal Device for Height Measurements
          ·Automatically adjust for slant and misalignment
          ·High-speed sampling

          Download this brochure to learn about the advantages of using the LJV Series Profiler for height difference measurements.
          Making Static Electricity Easy to Recognize
          It's difficult to counteract against something that is impossible to see. But with static electricity issues, you can easily quantify both the problem and any proposed solution by using the handheld SK-H Electrostatic Sensor!
          Learn about Surface Roughness Measurements
          What is surface roughness? How do you accurately evaluate it? How is it analyzed? Download this guide to learn more about roughness and see actual examples from the automotive industry.
          Line Scan Cameras - High-Resolution Inspection, Up to 67 Megapixel
          Detailed inspections often difficult for area cameras are now possible. See this guide for 3 examples of common line scan inspections, including:
          ·Large or wide parts
          ·Rotating cylinders and complex shapes
          ·In-line high-speed web inspection
          A Textbook for Learning about Traceability
          Every time a product recall is in the news, people focus on traceability. This textbook is a must-see for anyone who has heard of traceability but is not sure how it works or has not seen detailed examples of its application.
          ISO 16232 Contamination & Cleanliness Analysis
          KEYENCE's Digital Microscope VHX-6000 is equipped with an ISO 16232 compliant contaminant analysis function. You are able to count and analyze particles quickly with no variation between operators, while acquiring data over a large area automatically.
          Ultra Low-Profile Safety Light Curtains
          The GL-S Series is designed with a minimal foot print for maximum operator space and mobility. Highly visible indicators ensure awareness of these compact curtains, reducing accidental shutdowns.
          Easy Vision System Traceability - Vision Database Software
          ·Link data with images & barcode / PLC data
          ·Easy setup / No expensive integration
          ·Automatic backup of all vision program changes
          ·Retest stored images in database
          Want to Improve Your Automotive Applications?
          Use this guide to discover how KEYENCE barcode readers can reduce downtime, scrap, and further optimize your automotive industry processes.
          3 Reasons to Select the XM as Your First CMM
          Discover why companies that had mastered the use of hand calipers, micrometers, and height gauges have now implemented KEYENCE's handheld CMM.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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