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          Newsletter 2018

          January 15, 2018

          Subject :

          The Machinist's CMM

          The Machinist's CMM
          The CMM designed for machinists on the shop floor. See how any operator can walk up, quickly take 3D/GD&T measurements and automatically generate inspection reports with images.
          Vision System Instruction
          - Learn from the Experts
          Everything you need to master vision system basics, from selecting cameras, lenses, and illumination to advanced inspection solutions, is covered in this popular, easy-to-understand guide.
          Easy and Stable Reading of Extremely Small Codes
          Even for minute codes with cells as small as 0.5 Mil, the SR-2000 Series can automatically focus itself for maximum performance, saving valuable setup time and cost.
          Truly Superior Safety Scanner
          The SZ-V Series is unmatched with its detection capabilities, ease of setup, and advanced features. Click here for more information!
          Do You Have Problems Printing Dates or Other Information?
          Improvements are hard to come by when performing visual checks of dates and lot numbers. KEYENCE inkjet printers can easily be connected to vision systems, ensuring that even rare cases of missing characters in printed text are caught.
          Simplifying Difficult Measurement Applications
          Industry demands are requiring more accurate and timely measurements.  Simplify the process with the Instant Measurement system. Measure multiple parts with high accuracy and zero subjectivity at the push of a button.
          Why People Choose KEYENCE 2D Measurement Systems for Inline Inspections
          There are many reasons why people choose Optical Micrometers for inline inspection.
          Download this guide to learn about how you can improve the inspection capability of your production lines.
          Easily Automate Visual Inspections at a Low Cost
          By integrating lens, lighting, and camera all into one package, the IV vision sensor greatly reduces the typical cost and complication when using vision. Our free setup software is also the easiest to use in the market, which means you can install, program, and start inspecting faster than ever before.
          Confocal Microscopy: Application Guide
          See how various industries have applied the latest in confocal microscopy to solve applications that include; wafers, PCBs, brake pad wear, treated metal surfaces, and more.
          [NEW!] Customizable Vision System - XG-X Series
          Need the fastest cameras, the highest resolution, or a 3D profile? A powerful, 14-core vision system connects seamlessly to the fastest, most versatile camera selection using the most flexible software. Download this catalog for all the details.
          Successful Resin Marking & Processing Applications Using Lasers
          Looking to create a permanent mark directly on your part without paying consumable costs? If so, then laser marking is your best solution! Download this guide to learn about laser marking and processing resin and plastic parts successfully.
          Imaging and Analysis Techniques for Connectors
          This guidebook provides basic knowledge on the types, advantages, and problems of connectors. Use this technical guide with detailed images and explanations to learn advanced inspection techniques using digital microscopes.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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