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          Newsletter 2018

          January 29, 2018

          Subject :

          [NEW] Multi-Spectrum Vision System - Leveraging Color to Improve Stability

          [NEW] Multi-Spectrum Vision System
          KEYENCE has reinvented how color is used to:
          ·Accurately locate low-contrast edges
          ·Reliably detect nearly-invisible defects
          ·Sort parts with subtle color differences
          Upgrade your Contact Profiler
          Capturing 3D data with profilometers can be difficult, time-consuming, and may not provide enough data. The VR Series scans entire areas in 4 seconds and can provide sub-micron data with the push of a button.
          Redefine your Inspection Process with a Digital Microscope
          See how digital microscopes are changing the inspection and analysis process. This comprehensive guide contains explanations of the product concept, imaging and lighting techniques, measurement capabilities, and more.
          Eliminate Careless Mistakes with Handheld Mobile Computers
          Use Handheld Mobile Computers to increase efficiency and accuracy by eliminating mistakes caused by visual checks.
          3 Benefits of a Portable CMM
          Discover the 3 reasons people select KEYENCE's XM Series as their first or complementary CMM.
          Full Traceability Solutions for your Inkjet Coder
          ·Want to prevent the release of products with printing problems?
          ·Want to prevent incorrect data from being printed on products?

          This guide introduces tips and tricks for solving these problems and more.
          Reduce Part Inspection Time
          Whether it's in-process inspection, receiving inspection, or part testing in a quality lab, learn how the Instant Measurement system can reduce the amount of time spent on dimensioning your parts.
          Laser Profile Sensor Application Guide
          This guide will show you the uses and advantages of 2D/3D laser profile sensors, and how automated measurement improves cycle time and quality in dispensing applications.

          ·Inline, 100% inspections
          ·Check height, width, and volume
          Identify Issues Before They Cost You Money
          The GT2 Series of contact sensors identifies when your machine or part is out of specification before further processing, reducing unnecessary waste of time and materials. With a variety of sensor heads available including air-push models, the GT2 Series is a flexible, powerful inspection tool.
          Interactive Safety Light Curtain Selection Site
          No more guessing what curtain, cables, or brackets to pick - just input your needs and we will generate a parts list for you.
          3D Vision Inspection with Pattern Projection
          New 3D tools make it even easier to accurately perform detailed 3D inspections on complicated shapes.
          Learn the Benefits of Switching to Laser Processing
          This guide uses photographs to explain laser processing types and examples. Learn techniques that are useful for improving processes such as boring, cutting, and sheath removal.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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