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Newsletter 2018

February 26, 2018

Subject :

How Microscopes Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Improve Your Bottom Line with Digital Microscopes
KEYENCE's digital microscopes help solve problems in a variety of industries and fields. See what our customers had to say about how our system improved their processes and product development.
Unique Laser Marker Functions for Higher Productivity
Our laser marker communication capabilities have gotten even better! If you want to improve efficiency then this guide is for you. Learn about implementing control without ladder programming and much more.
New Product: Multi-Spectrum Vision System
KEYENCE's latest innovation captures eight images synchronized with ultraviolet to Infrared illumination improving vision inspections by:
·More accurately finding low-contrast edges
·Reliably detecting nearly-invisible defects
·Sorting parts with very subtle color differences
Clamp-On Liquid Flow Meter
The FD-R Series clamps-on to the outside of a pipe in minutes, eliminating downtime and the risk of contamination, pressure loss, or leakage.
Traceability for Vision System Inspections
Vision Database Software makes it easy to:
·Link data with images & barcode / PLC data
·Easy setup / No expensive integration
·Automatic backup of all vision program changes
·Retest stored images in database
Major Stocktaking Improvements with Handheld Mobile Computers
How does KEYENCE's handheld mobile computer improve bothersome stocktaking operations? Check out this guide to see how easy it is to reduce work time and labor costs!
A CMM for Machinists
The XM Series handheld CMM any operator to easily take 3D measurements (including GD&T) anywhere, including the shop floor. Increase your production and reduce inspection bottlenecks.
Industrial Inkjet Printer FAQ's
Browse questions and answers introducing technical information useful for inkjet printer selection from methods and printing principles, to the internal structure of industrial inkjet printers.
Instant Measurement & Automatic Data Collection
Measure up to 99 critical dimensions on up to 99 parts in 3 seconds with automatic data collection and report generation. Discover how the Instant Measurement system has revolutionized conventional measurement tools.
How to Perform Thickness Measurements Rapidly and Accurately
Benefits of switching from contact to non-contact thickness inspections:
·Reduced inspection and cycle time
·Enables full inspections
·Eliminates operator error
·Enables highly accurate measurements of soft targets without any deformation
Static Elimination in the Electronics Industry
Static build up is common in electronics and precision equipment. Use this guide to learn about our effective static elimination solutions based on actual applications. KEYENCE offers on-site demonstrations of our products where static electricity generation can occur. Contact us if you are interested in learning more.
3D Analysis on Threads
This guide provides examples of analysis on threaded parts using new 3D measurement technology. See what capabilities are available to improve your quality and R&D processes.

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