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Newsletter 2018

March 12, 2018

Subject :

KEYENCE Newly Released Products in 2018!

[NEW] World's First 3-Axis UV Laser Marker
·High-contrast, damage-free cold marking
·High absorption rate for wide variety of plastics
·Built-in camera for alignment and code reading
[NEW] Measure Surface Roughness and Profile on Any Material
VK-X1000 Laser Scanning Microscope
·Nanometer resolution over a 50 mm area
·Measure on curved or sloped surfaces up to 87°
·Rapid, fully-automated 3D measurement
[NEW] Cutting-Edge Line Scan Vision System
Synchronized line scan cameras with striped lighting patterns capture multiple images, including Lumitrax™ shape images, for automatic detection of:
·Minute or nearly-invisible flaws
·Defects on metal or glossy surfaces
·Shallow dents, pinholes, and bumps
[NEW] Largest Instant Measurement System to Date
Now with 6x the measurement volume and an integrated drop indicator, automatically inspect larger parts and see how measuring height is no longer a limitation. 99 dimensions, 3 seconds, 1 push of a button.
[NEW] Fiber Optic Sensor
The FS-N40 Series introduces a new amplifier AND new sensor heads. Limitless applications, unmatched ease of use.
[NEW] Optical Character Recognition Vision Sensor
This new IV Series Vision Sensor features an optical character recognition tool for verifying that the correct text is on your product. This new OCR tool, alongside existing detection tools, is easy to set up and provides stable results.

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