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          Newsletter 2018

          May 21, 2018

          Subject :

          Platinum! KEYENCE Receives 2018 Innovators Awards' Top Honor

          [NEW] Multi-Spectrum Vision System
          Industry experts have awarded KEYENCE's Multi-Spectrum Vision System with the 2018 Innovators Awards' top honor! See the innovation that has reinvented how color is used to:
          ·Accurately locate low-contrast edges
          ·Reliably detect nearly-invisible defects
          ·Sort parts with very subtle color differences
          Methods for Optimizing Offline Inspection
          ·Inspections take too long
          ·Measured results are not uniform
          ·Recording data is tedious and unreliable

          Download this guide to learn how to solve these problems and more.
          [NEW] Measure 100 Parts Simultaneously
          Reduce bottlenecks associated with inspection time by using a technology that is capable of measuring 100 features on up to 100 parts simultaneously with results that are backed by self-generated inspection reports.
          World's Easiest Flow Meter
          Never waste resources on alignment, cutting pipes, or machine downtime. Clamp-On the FD-R to any pipe for instant flow monitoring.
          Solving Sensor Problems: Successful Examples
          Do you have problems due to false detection caused by these or similar issues?
          ·Misalignment and tilt (angles)
          ·Stained surface conditions (water/oil)
          ·Similar target and background colors

          Allow us to introduce a ground-breaking photoelectric sensor that anyone can use to easily solve these problems.
          Measure Roughness on Any Material
          Are you using a contact profiler, interferometer, or other system for evaluating the surface of your parts? Discover how our latest non-contact 3D profiler can improve your data and workflow.
          Visual Inspection Made Easy
          See how the VHX Digital Microscope makes inspection of a variety of samples easy by providing a:
          ·Wide range of magnification: 0.1 to 5000x
          ·Various lighting options
          ·2D/3D imaging and measurement
          ·And so much more!
          Advantages of Micro Marking with UV Laser Markers
          Compared to standard wavelength lasers, how precise is UV laser marking? This guide gives the answer to this question along with industry trends in recent years toward smaller device components.
          Complete Code Reader Guide
          In addition to product information, this guide also contains industry examples where barcode reading is commonly used. With KEYENCE's excellent support system, we will work one on one with your company to provide you the best code reading solution.
          Caliper Upgrade
          Are you or coworkers measuring with calipers or mics? This new measurement tool is just as easy as hand tools, but gives users CMM capabilities. Machinists can now easily measure parts on the shop floor.
          [NEW] Vision System to Reliably Extract Minute Defects
          Line scan cameras & striped lighting patterns are synchronized to capture and compare 5 different image types from a single scan, including Lumitrax™ shape images, for automatic detection of:
          ·Minute or nearly-invisible flaws
          ·Defects on metal or glossy surfaces
          ·Shallow dents, pinholes, and bumps

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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