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          Newsletter 2018

          June 04, 2018

          Subject :

          [NEW] UV Laser Marker for Damage-Free Marking

          [NEW] Maintenance-Free UV Laser Marking
          ·High-contrast, damage-free cold marking
          ·Maintenance-free, air-cooled design
          ·Built-in camera for alignment and code reading
          [NEW] Vision System to Reliably Extract Minute Defects
          Line scan cameras & striped lighting patterns are synchronized to capture and compare 5 different image types from a single scan, including LumiTrax™ shape images, for automatic detection of:
          ·Minute or nearly-invisible flaws
          ·Defects on metal or glossy surfaces
          ·Shallow dents, pinholes, and bumps
          Fast and Accurate Thickness Measurements
          Non-contact inspection:
          ·Reduces inspection and cycle time
          ·Eliminates operator error
          ·Enables highly accurate measurements of soft targets without any deformation
          Increase Operator Throughput with Instant Measurement
          Anyone, anywhere is able to utilize this easy-to-use, highly accurate and fast measurement system. At the push of one button, all operators are capable of generating 99 dimensions in 3 seconds with live, automated reporting.
          IIOT Meets Machine Safety
          Multiple communication protocols are now available in the latest SZ-V series safety scanner.
          Contact Sensors that Last over 200 Million Measurements
          The GT2 Series has received praises from customers who took advantage of the wide variety of sensor head options.  With options such as air-push, flange-mounting, pencil-body, and low-stress models, the GT2 Series will be able to meet your needs. Download these catalogs to learn more.
          Are You Analyzing Surface Roughness Correctly?
          Learn about actual applications that utilize less common roughness parameters to better characterize surface texture and wear.
          Large Depth-of-Field Imaging
          See how an all-in-one digital microscope can help to improve your imaging and analysis with a large depth-of-field. This guide features several applications in the automotive industry, but can be applied to any visual inspection.
          2D Code Basic Guide
          This guide is a must-read for anyone who is unfamiliar with 2D codes. You will become more familiar with terms such as cell size, alignment pattern, and clocking pattern and how they affect the readability of the code. Once done reading through the guide, contact us so we can work with you to put together a code reading solution.
          CMM Inspection
          The XM Series is a new type of portable CMM that doesn't have moving parts and doesn't require CNC programming so it can be easily used by anyone, anywhere including the shop floor.
          Problems with Misprinted Dates or Lot Numbers?
          Improvements are hard to come by when performing visual checks of dates and lot numbers. KEYENCE inkjet printers can easily be connected to vision systems. This ensures that even rare cases of missing characters are caught.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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