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Newsletter 2018

August 13, 2018

Subject :

Latest Microscope Technology

Latest Microscope Technology
The VHX-6000 has features and functions that aren't available on conventional microscopes. This brochure goes over all the capabilities of the system, along with the latest application examples over 7 industries.
Improved Die Cutting With Laser Markers
Have you ever experienced product damage or quality problems during gate cutting or punching of parts using a die? Check out this guide for the advantages provided by processing with laser markers.
Vision System Programmed by Simply Teaching Good Parts
The Auto-Teach Tool learns the statistical variation among good parts and detects defects that fall outside the 6 sigma range. Incredibly easy to achieve accurate inspections results!
In-line Inspection Made Easy
Learn how to optimize your in-line inspection using a 2D Optical Micrometer.
Successful Code Reading Application Guide
This collection of code reading applications will show you how our code readers can increase efficiency and save costs of your production lines. Contact us to learn more about our code reader lineup.
Why Companies Stopped Hesitating and Implemented CMMs
CMMs are expensive, require a lots of space and are difficult to manage. Here are reasons why companies who once postponed CMM implementation, decided to move forward with it.
Mastering Appearance Inspections with Line Scan Cameras
See detailed examples to clearly answer the following questions:
·How are line scan cameras different?
·When should you use line scan?
·What are the advantages of line scan cameras?

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