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Newsletter 2018

August 23, 2018

Subject :

Sneak peek! 11 solutions to see in our booth at IMTS

[NEW] Largest Instant Measurement System to Date
1 push of a button on the IM-7000 Series delivers 99 dimensions in just 3 seconds! Now with 6x the measurement volume and an integrated drop indicator, automatically inspect larger parts and see how measuring height is no longer a limitation.
8 Tips for Accurately Measuring on Microscopes
See what techniques our customers are using with the VHX digital microscope to improve measurement accuracy.
[NEW] Line Scan Vision Inspection System
Line cameras & striped LED lighting patterns are synchronized to capture and compare multiple image types, including LumiTrax™ shape images, for automatic detection of:
·Minute or nearly-invisible flaws
·Defects on metal or glossy surfaces
·Shallow dents, pinholes, and bumps
The World's Easiest-to-Use CMM
Have you ever found conventional CMMs to be expensive, difficult to use, and demanding to maintain? See how KEYENCE's CMM solves all of these problems and more.
[Best in Class] Laser Profiler
With dozens of profilers available, it can be hard to choose just one that will provide a lasting solution for your application. Download the catalog below to learn about five of the many technologies that differentiate KEYENCE's profiler from the conventional.
[NEW] World's First 3-Axis UV Laser Marker
·High-contrast, damage-free cold marking
·Maintenance-free, air-cooled design
·Built-in camera for alignment and code reading
[NEW] World's Smartest Fiber Sensor
·NEW Clear & detailed OLED display
·NEW "Smart" sensing heads
·NEW Increased power
[NEW] Optical Character Recognition Vision Sensor
This new IV Series Vision Sensor features an optical character recognition tool for verifying that the correct text is on your product. This new OCR tool, alongside existing detection tools, is easy to set up and provides stable results.
New Attachments Make KEYENCE Code Readers Even More Versatile
The new high-resolution attachment and right-angle connectors will make finding a solution for your tight mounting restrictions and small codes feasible. Contact us to learn more about how these new tools can help you.
3D Measurement Technology Offers New Insights for Product Development & Quality
See how a variety of industries (automotive, semiconductor, etc.) are making use of new offline 3D scanning and measuring technology to transform the way they inspect and analyze their products.
[NEW] 3D Surface Metrology System
Discover the latest in high-resolution surface characterization.
·Measure from nanometers to millimeters
·Works on any material or surface
·Capture more accurate data with the click of a button

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