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          Newsletter 2018

          December 27, 2018

          Subject :

          The Best of 2018 from KEYENCE

          Benchtop Measurement System
          Automatically measure an entire part in 2.5 dimensions anywhere with this benchtop measurement system.
          [New] Wide-Area 3D Measurement System
          Measure form, contour, and roughness in as little as 1 second
          ·Non-contact surface measurement
          ·Detect 1 ┬Ám changes over a 200 mm area
          ·Automatic measurement with a single click
          The Perfect Microscope for R&D, Failure Analysis, and QC
          High-resolution, fully-focused imaging is a necessity in today's engineering world. Learn how the flexibility of the VHX Series is able to meet the most demanding imaging and analysis tasks.
          Handheld CMM gets a Major Software Upgrade
          Our portable, shop floor CMM is more useful than ever before after our long-awaited software upgrade. Click to see the new capabilities!
          [NEW] World's First 3-Axis UV Laser Marker
          ·High-contrast, damage-free cold marking
          ·High absorption rate for wide variety of plastics
          ·Built-in camera for alignment and code reading
          [New Product] Game-changing Measurement Sensor
          The CL-3000 Series uses a newly developed multi-color light to measure any material or shape with high accuracy and stability.
          Adding Value with Code Readers
          Add value to your processes by following this guide designed to help alleviate concerns while reading codes. Several common code reading issues are highlighted as well as how to resolve them.
          [New Product] Visualize Static Electricity with Our New Static Eliminator
          We are very excited to debut our new static eliminator with a built-in light, which easily confirms static elimination. The small footprint allows it to be installed anywhere and set up only takes a few minutes!
          [New Product] Clamp-On Micro Flow Sensor
          ·Any Application
          ·Any Liquid
          ·Any Location
          [NEW] Vision System to Reliably Extract Minute Defects
          Synchronized line scan cameras and striped lighting make it easy to detect:
          ·Minute or nearly-invisible flaws
          ·Defects on metal or glossy surfaces
          ·Shallow dents, pinholes, and bumps

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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