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          Newsletter 2019

          February 25, 2019

          Subject :

          Improve your Observation and Inspection Methods

          Quick and Easy Observation with Digital Microscopes
          The VHX digital microscope is quickly becoming a global favorite in FA, QC, and R&D. With an easy-to-use interface, even new users can quickly use advanced imaging techniques to capture high resolution images.
          3D Snapshot Improves High-accuracy Inspection
          Measuring surfaces instead of points or lines allows for easier and more accurate inspection of small features. Use this at an offline station for quick, repeatable checks, or inline for 100% inspection.
          The Simplest Vision Sensor You Can Set Up in Minutes
          The IV Vision Sensor offers product inspection without the complexity of a Full Vision System. Plug and play in just 5 minutes! Check out this guide for automotive application examples.
          CLAMP-ON to Monitor Micro Flow Anywhere
          ·Mount and monitor in seconds
          ·No special tools required
          ·Unmatched detection
          Increase Distribution Site Efficiency
          Increase throughput and create more efficient sorting with the SR-2000 series barcode reader. See how any distribution site will benefit from its fast processing and ultra-wide field of view.
          Are Your Laser Marker Safety Measures Complete?
          This guide contains information on the latest safety standards and example safety measures for laser markers. A must-read for anyone involved with laser marking.
          The XM can help digitize parts through point clouds and accurate dimensions. It's proven invaluable in manufacturing unique parts or parts without CAD data.
          How Can I Detect Defects more reliably?
          If you have ever asked this question, see this solution guide to learn how unique vision system tools and image filters make even extremely challenging inspections successful in any industry.
          Understand the benefits of measuring full 3D surface data
          This guide uses actual examples to introduce the reasons why customers have switched to our non-contact 3D measurement system. It details the advantages of measuring 3D shapes in a non-contact manner over traditional methods.
          Just Teach Your Vision System What a Good Part Is!
          It's really that easy with "Auto-Teach." See how reliable inspection can be performed by simply running good parts. No complicated programming required!

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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