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          Newsletter 2019

          July 29, 2019

          Subject :

          Replace Your Calipers and Height Gages

          Replace Your Calipers and Height Gages
          The XM makes it easy for anyone to accurately measure 3D/GD&T dimensions, compare to CAD, and automatically create inspection reports.
          Common Vision System Applications
          KEYENCE vision systems have seen use in a variety of industries and are an absolute must when it comes to automation. This guide introduces 27 common vision applications.
          Inkjet Printing Applications by Industry
          Inkjet printers can print directly on your products at high speeds from any direction or orientation, making installation painless. This guide outlines a wide variety of inkjet printing applications.
          Automated Inspection Solutions for Automotive
          Discover how companies are implementing automated inspections for safety and communication technology, final appearance, and environmental aspects to deliver higher quality to customers with lower production cost.
          [New] The World's First 4K Microscope
          KEYENCE has released a long-awaited new product in our VHX Series, which has been used by over 20,000 companies worldwide. Everything has been redesigned: camera, lens, controller, and stage. This new fully automated XYZ microscope enables the capturing of images with a clarity that was impossible until now.
          All Purpose Laser Sensor
          The LR-T series:
          ·5m (16.4') range
          ·Any target
          ·Easy set-up
          Application Improvements for the Automotive Industry
          The KEYENCE IL series can easily confirm the following:

          ·Target Height and Position
          ·Runout and Offset
          ·Thickness and Flatness

          Improve your throughput with this heavy-duty laser sensor!
          Foolproof Traceability Solutions
          A successful traceability solution requires two parts: marking and reading. At KEYENCE we offer comprehensive solutions for both processes. Use this guide to learn more about our barcode reader lineup as well as our laser marking technologies.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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