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          Newsletter 2019

          October 15, 2019

          Subject :

          [NEW] Clamp-On Compressed Air Flow Meter

          [NEW] Clamp-On Compressed Air Flow Meter
          Easily and Accurately Monitor:
          - Air Consumption after Receiver Tanks
          - Actual Compressor Output
          - Different Branch Pipes for Comparison
          - Machine Air Consumption & Leakage
          11 Unique Ways to Use Microscopes
          See how you can improve image quality and analysis with digital microscopes! This guide includes information on how you can observe large samples, implement new lighting techniques, and guarantee measurement accuracy.
          Eliminate Unseen Problems with Visual Confirmation
          Use of static ionizers can be troubling sometimes due to the difficulty of checking effectiveness. With KEYENCE's sleek new SJ-LF static ionizer's indicator lamp, static elimination can be confirmed with just a glance!
          Practical Traceability Solutions
          This guidebook contains information on laser marking and the peripheral equipment necessary for traceability.
          Surface Roughness Dictates Critical Part Performance
          Understanding and quantifying surface roughness can help ensure quality of critical components. Traditional methods employ a contact probe and provide a limited data set. Learn why a laser microscope can help guarantee performance.
          [New] Full-Range Model with High-Speed Reading up to 30 Feet Away!
          KEYENCE is proud to introduce our new mobile computer that can instantly read near and far codes. The large 5-inch display, Android™ 9 OS, and grip design improves operability for one-handed use.
          Limited by Your Hand Tools?
          The XM Series might be just what you need!
          • No need to worry about the orientation of placed targets.
          • Measurement is possible in all directions: orient the target and perform measurement as you wish.
          • GD&T measurements are also easy.
          OEM's Value the GS Series
          The GS Safety Door Switch features:
          - Compact Size
          - Robust Mounting
          - Clearly Visible Status Indicators

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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