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          Newsletter 2019

          December 09, 2019

          Subject :

          Imaging Quality Like Never Before

          Capture High-Resolution Images in Seconds
          Equipped with the new Optical Shadow Effect mode, the VHX-7000 is capable of capturing high-resolution images with SEM-like quality in seconds. Take advantage of high-resolution images and fully automatic XYZ operation with the VHX Digital Microscope!
          [New] Laser Marking Equipment Examples
          Do you mark tools, drills, or other products that are difficult to mark on the manufacturing line?
          If so, check out this guide that contains laser marking equipment and enclosure examples that you can use to improve your processes.
          Code Readers in the Electronic Device Industry
          This guide provides insight into how code readers can improve efficiency and save labor in the manufacturing of electronic devices.
          Reverse-Engineering Breakthrough
          The XM Series is now the world's easiest and most-accurate reverse-engineering tool. Just measure the part, and directly export a 3D CAD model.
          Selecting Your First Vision System
          Vision Systems utilize a variety of cameras, lensing, and lighting, but each combination is tailored for your application.
          This guide provides tips to help select the correct vision system.
          Replace Your Stylus Profilometers
          Many customers are making the switch from contact profilers to non-contact 3D systems. Download the detailed comparison guide to see how a non-contact system yields faster, more repeatable results.
          Surface Roughness Guide for the Automotive Industry
          This detailed guidebook walks through examples of customers using surface roughness to improve their process, part quality, and part performance.
          Avoid Shock and Awe by Reducing Production Costs
          Have you experienced machines jamming, electrostatic discharge damage, or parts sticking together? Static eliminators make it easy for any facility to reduce these common issues caused by static electricity. Download the brochure to find out how!

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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