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Newsletter 2020

February 03, 2020

Subject :

Striped-Pattern Lighting Solves Difficult Applications

Striped-Pattern Lighting Solves Difficult Applications
Use KEYENCE’s striped-pattern lighting for automated inspection that was previously difficult to perform with machine vision, including polished metal surfaces and glass objects.
High-Performance Digital Microscope
The VHX Series is capable of high-resolution imaging & analysis at the click of a button.

Take accurate 2D/3D measurements in seconds. Download the brochure to learn more!
How to Use a Laser Profiler
Not familiar with laser profilers? See how other companies are applying this versatile tool to:
?Perform 100% inspection
?Reduce measurement error
?Improve cycle times
Inkjet Printer Applications for the Automotive Industry
See examples of how inkjet printers are used in the automotive industry. This guide details actual inkjet applications for improving traceability and preventing part assembly mistakes.
Code Reading for Electric Vehicle Manufacturing
See how versatile the SR-2000 series barcode reader is when reading barcodes during the manufacturing of electric vehicles.
Eliminate the Unseen Problem
Use of static ionizers can be troubling due to the difficulty of checking effectiveness. With the indicator lamp on KEYENCE's new static eliminator, the SJ-LF Series, static elimination can be confirmed at a glance!
Simple Inspection for Mass Production
The IM Series allows you to decrease measurement time and keep up with high-volume production runs. You can measure 99 parts at once with the push of a button.
Combine the Capabilities of Six Devices in One Unit
Combine the capabilities of a contact profiler, CMM, 3D scanner, and more into one easy-to-use, compact unit.

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