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Newsletter 2020

February 10, 2020

Subject :

Damage-Free Traceability with UV Marking

Now is the Best Time to Select UV
Ultraviolet lasers boast high-contrast, damage-free marks. Check out this beam breakdown to learn why "cold marking" is so powerful.
Complete Guide to Barcode Reading Solutions
This guide contains product information as well as industry examples where barcode reading is commonly used. KEYENCE works directly with you to provide you the best code reading solution.
Safety Door Switches Simplified
The GS Series features:
-Compact & Robust Construction
-Highly Visible Status Indicators
-Integrated OSSD’s w/ Additional I/O
Eliminate your Inspection Bottleneck
The XM Series is the ultimate solution to your bottleneck build-up. It's a handheld CMM used to take quick, 3D/GD&T measurements that anyone can walk up and complete.
Precise Measurements in 0.13s
This unique 3D sensor allows customers to get lab-quality measurements at production speeds. Click to learn more.
Application Guide for Measuring Polished & Etched Surfaces
This guide demonstrates how a laser microscope can be used to perform various measurements on etched and polished surfaces, such as wear analysis, surface roughness, and profiles.
Overcoming Measurement Problems on Stamped & Pressed Parts
See how an optical profiler can be used to automatically detect burrs, measure warpage, and allow you to visualize the shape of your parts.
Redefining Presence/Absence Detection
The AI series is a new line of Auto Intelligent Sensors. This photo eye has an FOV allowing you to detect difficult or unrepeatable targets. With the push of only 3 buttons, you can fully integrate the AI!

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