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Newsletter 2020

February 24, 2020

Subject :

Capture High-Resolution Images in Seconds

Capture High-Resolution Images in Seconds
Equipped with the new Optical Shadow Effect mode, the VHX-7000 is capable of capturing high-resolution images with SEM-like quality in seconds. Take advantage of high-resolution images and fully automatic XYZ operation with the VHX Digital Microscope!
Taking Inline Inspection to New Heights
With dynamic imaging capabilities, simplified setup, and a range of sensor and controller options,
the LJ-X8000 series is taking process improvement to a whole new level.
Solving the Six Major Vision Sensor Problems
The IV2 Series with built in AI eliminates key problems with vision sensors:

∙ Changes in ambient light
∙ Unrepeatable part presence
∙ Low contrast part detection

Download the brochure to learn more!
Superior Safety Scanning
∙ 8.4 m (27.56’) Protection Zone
∙ 2 Scanners in 1 Unit
∙ Network Capability

KEYENCE's Laser Marking Lineup
KEYENCE offers a wide range of laser marking products that can be used on just about any material and part geometry. Check out this guide to learn about how KEYENCE's laser markers can save you time and money!
Pattern Projection Lighting Brings 3D Capability to 2D Cameras
KEYENCE's pattern projection lighting and algorithm make previously challenging inspections possible with added height data and new inspection tools. Perfect for assembly inspection with low contrast.
Full-Range Enterprise Mobile Computer
Featuring a 32hr battery and running Android 9 OS, the BT-A700 uses its long range (30ft +) scanning and large shatter-proof display to simplify your warehousing and data collection process.
Top 3 Ways to Reduce your Inspection Time
1. No Part Set-Up
2. Measure 99 Parts at Once
3. Automatically Generate Reports