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          Newsletter 2020

          March 02, 2020

          Subject :

          Automatic 2.5D Inspection

          Automatic 2.5D Inspection
          The IM Series has a wide variety of unique capabilities starting at no orientation requirements, automatic focus adjustment, and consistent results regardless of the operator.
          3D Inspection with Pattern Projection!
          How often do you work with cameras? Has your camera ever struggled with low contrast features that seem obvious to the human eye? Find out how Pattern Projection solves these issues!
          Improving Quality Using In-Process Inspection
          See how and why our customers are using laser profilers to improve inline inspection and quality control at their facilities.
          Non-Contact Micro Flow Sensor
          -Monitor Flow of Any Liquid w/o Pipe Modification
          -High Repeatability
          -Unique Monitoring Modes
          Improved Code Reading in the Electronics Industry
          See how 2D codes are being used in the manufacturing of electronic components throughout every step of the process.
          Optical Profilometer's Guide to Performing Detailed 3D Surface Analysis
          Our optical profilometer performs non-contact 3D surface profile measurements on features ranging from millimeters to nanometers. View the application guide to see how it works!
          Ultraviolet Laser Marking Advantages
          Take advantage of significant cost reductions by using a UV laser marker for product logos, notes, and other information. Check out this guide to learn more!
          Stable Detection at the Press of a Single Button!
          The AI Series is a simple yet powerful sensor. This photo-eye with a FOV, is ready to use out of the box. With the press of 2 buttons, you can reliably detect presence/absence anywhere within the FOV!

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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