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Newsletter 2020

March 09, 2020

Subject :

[New Product Bulletin] World's First Intelligent Self-Diagnosing Inkjet Coder

[New Product Bulletin] World's First Intelligent Self-Diagnosing Inkjet Coder
With the MK-G Series’ built-in self-diagnosis function, maintenance is all done automatically. Never worry about having to rely solely on the experience and knowledge of maintenance staff.
[New Function] Improve Logistics with Longer Scanning Range and Character Recognition
KEYENCE’s long-range handheld mobile computer opens the door to various improvements at logistics sites. Take advantage of new features to solve problems such as matching character text on far-away containers with location tags or invoice numbers.
Tank Level Sensor for Any Liquid - NEW w/ IO-Link
Unaffected by:
• Build-up on probe
• Foam or bubbles
• Vapor & condensation
Multi-Spectrum Lighting Improves Automotive Inspection Stability
Good lighting is essential to ensure stable inspection for any vision application. This guide highlights how KEYENCE's Multi-Spectrum vision system has been used to stabilize automotive inspections.
A Must-Have in your Inspection Process
At the push of a button operators can measure an entire part in less time than it would take to set up a piece on a comparator; Providing instant, non-subjective measurement results.
Advantages of the VHX Digital Microscope
The VHX Series combines the capabilities of 4 major microscopes. Here are just some of the advantages:

• 20x Larger DoF
• 0.1x to 6,000x Magnification
• Multi-angle Observation
• 2D/3D Measurement
Non-contact Sheet Thickness Measurement
Looking for a safe, cost-effective alternative to conventional thickness gauges? Check out the CL-3000 series.

• 100% inline inspection
• High accuracy measurement
• No external technicians required

Substitute your Hand Tools
Quick, simple measurement is easy to achieve with the XM Series; A Handheld CMM that allows for 3D/GD&T measurement, CAD comparison, and automatic inspection reports.