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Newsletter 2020

March 23, 2020

Subject :

[New Product] Inline 3D Appearance and Dimension Inspection System

[New Product] Inline 3D Appearance and Dimension Inspection System
Eliminate key problems with 3D imaging:
• Reduced 3D data dropout caused by blind spots
• High accuracy in all the dimensions (XYZ)
• Quickly generate a stable, usable 3D image
6-in-1 3D Measurement System
Learn how the VR Series combines the capabilities of 6 measurement and observation devices into 1 system!
Here are just a few:
• Profiler
• 3D Scanner
[New Feature] OCR Application Examples for Logistics Industry
Essential reading for anyone in the logistics operation! Introducing character recognition with the incredibly popular BT-A700 Handheld Mobile Computer. Discover examples of improvement in various logistics operations.
A New Approach to 3D Measurement
The XM Series, a handheld CMM, is used like a simple pair of calipers but gives you those CMM capabilities; GD&T measurements, reverse-engineering and automatic inspection reports.
Stable GO/NO GO Inspection, No Matter the Target!
The IL Series is the ideal sensor for quick and stable position verification. With operating ranges from 1 in. to 11.5 ft., the IL Series makes inspections a breeze!
11 Tips to Maximize Microscope Usage
This guide contains 11 tips on how to maximize the usage of your microscopes. Learn how to:
• Remove reflections/glare
• Accurately capture 3D images
• Take accurate measurements
• and more…
Most Robust Contact Sensor in the Industry!
The GT2 Series is a high-accuracy contact measurement sensor that can perform 200+ million cycles! Download the PDF to learn about this robust sensor!
An Intelligent Self-Diagnosing Inkjet Coder with No Need for Manual Maintenance
With the MK-G Series’ built-in self-diagnosis function, maintenance is all done automatically. Never worry about having to rely solely on the experience and knowledge of maintenance staff.

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