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Newsletter 2020

March 30, 2020

Subject :

[New Product] Safety Controls Made Easy

[NEW] GC Series Safety Controller
• Connect any safety device with ease
• No wiring necessary for KEYENCE devices
• Full color display for easy monitoring
Brand New Viewing Method for Digital Microscopes
With our newest feature, Optical Shadow Effect Mode, the VHX digital microscope can observe even subtle irregularities at low magnification. View our guide to see how it works!
[UPGRADE] Vision Sensor Powered by Artificial Intelligence
The IV2 Series vision sensor eliminates instabilities due to these common problems:
• Changes in ambient light
• Unrepeatable part presence
• Part detection with low contrast
Download the PDF to learn more!
New! UV Laser Marking for the Medical Industry
Traceability marking on medical devices requires exceptional contrast and low product damage. This guide uses application examples to explain the advantages of UV laser marking.
Eliminate the Unseen Problem
Use of static ionizers can be troubling due to the difficulty of checking effectiveness. With KEYENCE's new static eliminator's indicator lamp on the SJ-LF, static elimination can be confirmed at a glance!
Code Readers in the Electronic Device Industry
This guide provides insight into how code readers can improve efficiency and save labor in the manufacturing of electronic devices.
Automatic 2D Measurement System
Make your quality control easier than ever with the Instant Measurement Series. It's a 2D optical inspection system that can get up to 99 dimensions in seconds with the push of a button.
Optical Profilometer's Guide to Performing Detailed 3D Surface Analysis
Our optical profilometer performs non-contact 3D surface profile measurements on features ranging from millimeters to nanometers. View the application guide to see how it works!

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