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Newsletter 2020

April 13, 2020

Subject :

Automated Non-contact Inspection

Inline Inspection Made Easy
Learn how to optimize your inline inspection using a 2D Optical Micrometer.
Eliminate Production Error
The IM-Series is a shop floor ready measurement device that dimensions parts with the push of a button. All operators can make use of this easy-to-use system to help eliminate production error.
KEYENCE Solutions for Traceability Systems
KEYENCE provides solutions for both fast and clear marking as well as stable and accurate reading of 2D codes. Use this guide to see the advantages of working with a company that provides quality solutions for both marking and reading barcodes.
Inspection of Medical Devices
The VHX-7000 digital microscope has been used by over 20,000 companies worldwide. Check out this guide to see how this system is being used in the medical device industry!
Simple Color Sensor
• Easily detect subtle texture & color changes
• 1-touch calibration
• Network compatibility
Cutting Edge Laser Technology!
With the IX image Based Laser Sensor, cumbersome jigs and fixtures are a thing of the past. Simply present the part in any orientation and the IX Series will repeatably verify up to 16 different heights!
Vision Technology to Improve your Food, Pharma, and Packaging Inspections
Good lighting is essential for stable operation of any vision system. Discover food, pharmaceutical, and packaging applications where KEYENCE lighting technology can make your inspection more stable.
Ultraviolet Laser Marking Advantages
Take advantage of significant cost reductions by using a UV laser marker for product logos, barcodes, date codes, and more. Check out this guide to learn how you can benefit from this technology.

Technical E-news

Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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