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Newsletter 2020

May 04, 2020

Subject :

[UPGRADE] First of its Kind Laser Sensor

Cutting Edge Laser Technology
By combining a camera with a laser, the IX Series can accommodate for target variation/misalignment and reliably detect height measurements, even on low contrast targets. Download the guide to learn more!
Striped-Pattern Lighting Solves Difficult Applications
Use KEYENCE’s striped-pattern lighting for previously difficult machine vision applications:
· Shiny and transparent packaging
· Polished metal surfaces
· Glass and plastic objects
Increase Throughput with Non-Contact Measurement
Non-contact measurement provides a flexible solution with the following advantages:
· 100% Inspection
· Shorter Cycle Time
· Elimination of Operator Error
Learn the Basics of Handheld Mobile Computers!
Ever wondered what exactly handheld mobile computers are and what they can do?
For anyone interested in learning about the ease of use and versatility of handheld mobile computers, this dedicated website is a must-read.
Learn everything from the basics to detailed information for specific industries and applications.
3D/GD&T Measurements in Seconds
With the XM Series, Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing measurements are completed with ease allowing you to reduce your inspection time down to seconds.
Safety Door Interlocks
· Prevent nuisance trips due to door sag
· Simplified wiring by cascading OSSD’s
· Robust housing for lasting operation
· Highly visible indicators for instant status identification

Full Traceability Solutions for Your Inkjet Coder
· Want to prevent the release of products with printing problems?
· Want to prevent incorrect data from being printed on products?

This guide introduces tips and tricks for solving these problems and more.
Non-contact Measurement with Traceability
Get traceable non-contact measurements with the VR-5000! Measure detailed contours, roughness, and flatness in one device, all with a single click.

Technical E-news

Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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