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Newsletter 2020

May 11, 2020

Subject :

View, Capture, & Measure with One Device

View, Capture, & Measure with One Device
With the fully automatic VHX-7000, users are able to quickly capture 4K resolution images and take accurate 2D/3D measurements. Download the guide to learn more about the capabilities of this system!
Code Readers in the Food/Pharmaceutical/Cosmetics Industry
Reduce labor requirements and improve efficiency at your facility with this collection of case studies on code reading in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries.
Why Are Food, Pack and Pharma Adopting UV Laser Markers?
Traditional traceability systems suffer from high overhead costs. Find out how UV laser markers are saving companies time, money and more in this industry usage guide.
Next-Generation Laser Tracker
Designed to be as easy-to-use as hand tools, but
offers 3D/GD&T measurement over an area of
32’ x 16’ x 16’.
Discover the Advantages of Vision-Guided Robotics
Have you seen what vision-guided robots can do? Consider these examples of robots equipped with cameras for precise assembly, random part picking, and automatic inspection.
Quick & Accurate Surface Roughness Data
The VK-X1000 is capable of quickly gathering nanometer level surface roughness data on any material. Download the guide to see how this is possible!
Inline 3D Measurement
Inspect during production and assembly using LJ-X8000 Series Laser Profilers. Inline 3D measurement ensures quality control while minimizing labor costs. Learn more here.
Stable Presence/Absence Detection
The AI Series is a new line of Auto Intelligent Sensors. This photo eye has a field-of-view allowing for stable detection on difficult or even unrepeatable targets. Download the PDF to learn more!

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