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Newsletter 2020

May 18, 2020

Subject :

Could Your Production Be Smarter?

Install The Smarter Solution
KEYENCE's Intelligent Line of sensors utilize automatic calibration, artificial intelligence, and predictive maintenance to ensure dependable stability. Download this catalog to learn how.
See More with the VHX-7000 4K Microscope
Capture high resolution images like never before with our latest digital microscope!
· Large Depth-of-Field
· Adaptive Lighting & Focusing
· Multi-Angle Observation
· High Resolution (NA 0.9) Lens
Clamp-On Gas Flow Meter
Utilize for Energy Saving/Cost Reduction Projects
· Compressor Monitoring
· Facility Air Consumption
· Machine Gas Usage & Leakage
Instant Measurement System with Automatic Reporting
In seconds, operators can measure up to 99 features on 99 parts and create automatically generated inspection reports; Providing accurate, repeatable measurements at the push of a button!
Improvement Examples with Code Readers
Reduce labor requirements and improve efficiency in your facility with this collection of case studies on code reading in the food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics industries.
Quickly Capture Difficult 3D Surface Measurements
See how the VR-5000 quickly solves 4 of the most difficult 3D measurements! This system can accurately capture 3D surface data in 1 second!
· Flatness
· Corner Radius
· And much more!
Limitless Measurement Capabilities
A quality process with unlimited measurement capablities using The XM Series. With a handheld probe, just touch your part to take a measurement; It's quick and simple so anyone can fulfill your inspection process.
The Importance of Lighting for Stable Image Inspections
The stability of a camera's images greatly affects inspection reliability. KEYENCE's Multi-Spectrum lighting provides the technology and stability to solve your lighting issues and needs.